Sex with your Mind By: Caleb Hammonds

When you met me, you knew I was different.

Straight to the point, and gave you my mission

I communicate to make sense, and give the keys to my interest

Laid out the map, when I said you seem intelligent and deep

I was curious to see if you were the coach for my team

I created this thing, to accomplish my dreams

Make millions in spiritual currency, spreading love and positive influence

My good character is insurance that I can lead you

Guide you with kindness, never mistreat you

The world needs you at your full potential, and in your best mental

I know how to make things simple, slow down your chaotic emotions

Put  real plans in motion because my gift is my focus

Trust the way I walk in the room like I own it

Or the way I go after anything when I want it

Trust in friends forever, or the fact that want you,

The real you. 易

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