Renee’s Roses

I’m proud to call you a friend because of your courage.

I admire your strength and your endurance.

I cry with you because your pain is my pain.

God gave me an opportunity to mingle with a kindred spirit.

In heaven, I fly with you.

I hurt inside for all the tears you shed.

Your well being influences the plans in my head.

Life is short, so I’ll give you roses while we are here.

Lay them In your mind🌹🧠, So my love for you is clear.

Our friendship is dear to me.

I feel complete when you are near to me.

You are a Queen and I enjoy helping you build up your kingdom.

I enjoy taking time to build a friendship with meaning.

Your smile is beautiful like angelic singing.

I’m watching you bloom in your season and become a light to the world, a beacon

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