Agapelife is a conglomerate dedicated to building a loving

culture with kindness, hardwork, and generosity. We use our talents to

earn money and give a portion back to

feed the homeless, pick up trash. We also volunteer with

local charities. Agapelife is governed by 3 board

members. Caleb Hammonds is the President and Seth

Simmons is Vice President. Agapelife operates in Fort

Walton Beach, Fl and Charlotte, NC. We have passed out

more than 100 bagged lunches in 2018, and cleaned up

Walmarts, parks, and shopping centers. Because of our

talented members we influence others to donate time,

money, food and genuine love through athletics, music,

poetry, photography, videography and business. We

won a top volunteer award with Special Olympics and

accomplished more than 1,000 community service

hours within 2 years of operating.