About Me


Hey, my name is Caleb Hammonds. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of having my own business because my father did. He pushed me to have a job and always have a stream of income on the side. Growing up I also had a compassionate heart and always wanted to give and help people in need. I created a brand called Agapelife. It is a conglomerate made up of multiple businesses. Each project contributes 10 percent to my charity, Agapelife Charity Organization.

I currently attend the University of West Florida and I major in general business. I am in my sophomore year and I am learning skills to grow my vision.

I currently work part-time at Fresh Start for Children and families. I chose to work there because they match my vision to help people in need and they allow me to use my skills in videography and communication to help grow the organization.
I believe I have a bright future and I have an important purpose to be a great leader someday.


(Agapelife Films)

Agapelife Films is dedicated to filming local middle school, high school, and college athletes. My goal is to grow the brands of young athletes and help advance their sport careers.

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(Agapelife Apparel)

Agapelife Apparel is a clothing company I created to inspire people of all races, religion, and status to love another.

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