Standing At The Door By: Caleb Hammonds

Sometimes I imagine you being the one for me.

Us making love, by the way we work together making a difference.

You smiling from a distance helping people.

Sometimes I imagine you being my equal

I move cautiously, watching integrity

Because I know my worst enemy could be the woman next me

So deep questions, plus moments of ecstacy is the recipe to know you

Giving you homework assignments to grow you

Being myself no matter what, even if it hurts your feelings

Because below you chaotic emotions I see your spiritual healing

I need to know you are true before I can do what I do

I need to know it’s you, and not emotional manipulative tools

Or I would be a fool.

But as friends and family members

You get the opportunity to see my brotherly love

Where I wont challenge you as much, but love you slower, no rush

Less touch, but I’m here for you with trust

I’m here with real love at a distance

Standing at the door, waiting for you come back with a completed mission

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