Layers of Pain By: Caleb Hammonds

Intense tension squeezing my brain

Maintaining focus to not go cross-eyed.

Fixing my face to not look insane

Over ten years and nothing has changed.

Carrying all this weight because one mans name

Carry my cross, throwing up after walking, I’m more than exhausted.

Ignoring people advise because yall are far from my road

Most haven’t even crossed it.

A few friends edified; without you, I’d probably die.

At least could I have peace in my surroundings

But I’m weaker than the weakest in my county.

Using all my strength to speak, afterward, I start crying.

I can’t talk because of the mountains I am climbing.

My walk is in silence because, In the past, I got violent.

Can you guys stop yelling at each other

I wish I could cut everyone off, but I need them.

Can’t wait until I’m independent, most of you won’t see me.

Like the wind, he just blew away, layers of pain, you can see it in his face.

Overworking this season, until it all becomes real and no more dreaming

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