No Rules On Love By: Kaeleb of Land of the Lawless

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Background: Kaeleb is a lead character in the book series, Land of the Lawless, he is chosen to rule as king of the earthly realm in his aeon (generation or universe) because of his love and perceptive truth. Here is a poem that displays a glimpse into his rebellious but accepting mindset:

It was against the social norm to help a black man out but,

Rules don’t apply to me.

My parents said don’t date a woman outside of my race.

But, I am love and rules don’t apply to kings.

I grew up doing things differnt and usually got made fun of; people called me weird.

I’m glad love has no fear, so I didn’t shed a single tear.

I used to wonder, why put limitations on something that always does wants right.

Why hold back the creative, transformative spirit when there is no harmful seed in sight.


How to Tame a Rebel

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I love how you grow and listen.

Giving you my vision, introducing you to my mission is my definition of living.

Opening you up with my words and actions, so I can kiss you to my satisfaction.

My water dripping inside you, from my tougue and aura.

Dicking you down until I hear your moaning sounds.

Growing a Queen that means something to me, a Queen that embodies my dreams.

Wise, caring, and full of love.

She has the strength to endure anything.

Step by step, we elevate each other to be better.

No matter if we stay or leave, you are eternally branded with my letters.


Growing into Man By: Kaeleb of LOTL

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Background: Kaeleb wrote this poem to his woman before they became married in spirit, mind, and body. Becoming one ☯️

There are so many perks of growing into Man, like watching a beautiful woman melt in your hands.

I love when her legs, intertwine with mine. Connecting her soul to my vine. Our hands lock. Her guard drops. Time stops.

It’s beautiful being man. Watching her mind bend like rubber. Becoming what I need her to be.

Molding her mind slowly as she sees the leader in me. Being a man is about love and respect.

It’s about staying calm when her emotions put you to test. It’s about understanding the dance of masculine and feminine friendship.

About understanding the illusion, there’s no male in or female confusion, only one human two energies in unison.


Love For My Naked Soul

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I am the one whom you have hidden from,and you appear to me.

Perfect Mind (Nag Hammadi Codex VI, 2)

I fell from the heavens without a name,

Because I had to earn it with fire

Through the times they would put me in shame

For uncommon high reaching desires

Made me feel I was insane but God knows

I was walking by faith. I’m insecure

So, for sure the angels sang their high notes

I needed prayer from them. I’m broken

This was all unspoken like it came from Oblivion!

I had nothing to show for it but a naked body

Say Something! God please say something!

Only old scriptures were handed to me

And there it was, ” I will crown you with affliction

I’ll break your mortal part, until God is all you can mention

No nightmare will leave you, until you can honestly see truth

That love covers everything, and nobody can see you……………..

……………………….But Me!


Jesus Will Come Back

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Jesus Coming

When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.

John 14:3

Dear, Jesus I know you’re coming back

Until then, we’re cooking up a present for you

A squad of believers running laps

Practicing the lessons from you

When you left, we got scattered

With something in our hearts to search out what really matters

While you were gone, I’ve been climbing many ladders

Reaching higher peaks but still feeling sadder

As the days go by, the pack is getting stronger

Because aggravation in our flesh

And our valleys getting steeper

We have Feelings of abandon but you are not a sleeper

You’re just giving us the chance to to show signs of a keeper

By residing in our faith in every situation

We remember who you are with a joyful celebration

Because your faithful dedication, we know we’re going to make it

Looking to the sky until, It unfolds your truest nature