Thoughts Of A Christian Businessman

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ so that makes me a slave to righteousness. At first, I had a hard time combing my beliefs with living in the world but it soon got easier. With a lot of bible study and wisdom seeking, I see now I must use all my knowledge and talents to serve others and advance God’s’ kingdom.

My dad is a businessman and he passed a lot of entrepreneur knowledge to me. He helped me get the idea that my purpose is to create a business that serves the community.

The more I thought about it, the more ideas I started getting. I started creating logos to begin with. I didn’t know exactly what i would sell so I just started with poetry. Then, I started making music. Which lead to me to marketing on the web and helping other artist get ahead.

Today, I’m building websites and an online presence for individuals with positive movements that glorifies God. I plan on starting a clothing line soon. It will be the first of many projects to come under the Agapelife company.

I believe with guest service that comes from a genuine heart, I can create a business that has the vibe of peace and love. It also is my purpose to give my surplus back to the ones that fall behind. The ones that truly need help in society.

As a christian, how could I not walk this path? I believe every christian should combine their spiritually with their work.

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Why I Don’t Like Scary Movies

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scary movies

Leaving the theatre after watching a scary movie, I always have a bad feeling. Not just because I know I’m going to be extremely paranoid for about two weeks, but also because the bad guy always wins.

It’s not like the bad guy winning in the movie “Blue Streak” which stars Martin Lawrence, where he is a thief and he gets away with the diamond, but it’s evil beings or demons, ghost, witches, etc. tormenting and killing humans and winning.

After the human is dead the movie is over. The demon or witch gets the last laugh then the credits are rolling. Now, I’m walking home like, dang. I feel hurt and paranoid.

It gives me this message that God can’t protect us. If demons feel like killing, then you’re dead. But I do believe a scary movie can be made that can still give hope. I’ll be on the lookout for those type of movies. Maybe!

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Some People Love For A Deeper Reason

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Picture a life where everyone is for themselves. Where people only show kindness to get something in return from you and once you lose what they need they leave you. That’s not hard to picture for a lot of people as we can can tell by social network.

Now imagine a new person coming into the picture. A person who lives life backwards. He sees it as a reward to serve others. He finds joy in giving to people who can’t benefit him.

If you’ve met this type of person you may ask; Where did he come from and why is he like this, or is he two faced like everyone else. Well, there is a strong possibility that this person believes in the words of Jesus Christ. That he has faith that there is a world beyond what can be seen.

And maybe he is convinced that giving up his life in this present time is the way to a heavenly life with Jesus. Not everyone is out to hurt you. There is always hope. God lives in all of us. We just need a push. Hope this post can be a push for someone.


His Down To Earth Women

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I don’t love you because your stunning looks. I don’t even love you for your achievements and personal ambitions. But I smile at your heart. The part of you that is always humble and down to earth. You honor everyone as better than yourself.

You don’t look down on anyone even the people who might deserve it. You cry at violence. You don’t want to see any of your fellow living beings in pain. I see you in every woman. When I look into you eyes, I know you a apart of me. I love my down to earth women.

Skater Girl


One With God And All Living Things

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You reap what you sow. My goal is to sow all my love into the world. I want to sow love in every person that crosses my path. Even if that person is like a enemy. Through all the aggravations, sadness, and anger, my goal is to fight and plant, until I have no more human qualities.

Until I have reaped all the love and I am adorned by it. Until I am clothed and feed by it. My life will be the story of uniting one soul to the soul of God and all living things, seen and unseen. Agapelife is my life. God will be in me and I in him. The more I love the bigger my faith.