Land of the Lawless

220px-Muerte-Blanca_6.jpgDemetrius is a drug dealer who distributes cocaine from Miami cartels to the smaller cities of Florida. After his drug connect reveals the cartels have unified in the kidnapping and killing police officers, Demetrius begins to question if he wants to stay in the drug business. What seems like a criminal uprising in Florida, takes a turn when Demetrius is invited to the mansion of the drug lord who mysteriously escaped prison. Demetrius finds the cartel is being influenced by an unfathomable evil force. From Agapelife Conglomerate comes a thrilling story where the spiritual world seeks to overlap into the physical. Follow the story on instagram: Land of the Lawless


Zoe Majesty remembered the hour the sorceress would break him out. He was tired of the depressing white walls, but her promise gave him strength. He looked across the cell at his roommate, took a breath, then recited the prophetic words under his breath.
“The Dawn is here. Blessed are those who are forced to walk at night”.
His roommate stared at him in concern.
“You alright,” he asked.

“Do you believe we are slaves? We are so much more, ” Zoe Majesty asked while he stood up.

“What?” snapped his roommate. “You are not planning to break out, are you? Let me know so I can leave the cell. I just wanna finish my time and get back to my family”.

“That’s unfortunate,” said Zoe majesty with a sigh as he pulled out a shank from his sock.

His roommate stared confused at Zoe Majesty because he began to look suspicious with the knife in his hand. Zoe majesty stretched out his hand and pointed the blade towards the sunset as he closed his eyes.

“Cuh, you are fucking insane…..Ahhhhhh, ” Immediately, Zoe Majesty lunged at his roommate and stabbed him repeatedly in the neck. His roommate fought as long as he could; He screamed for help until he died. Blood spilled all over the cell walls. Correctional officers dashed to the cell, stomping through the prison. The room suddenly turned black. Zoe Majesty stopped breathing; nervousness squeezed his lungs. He felt a hand, gently touching his, and there she was, clothed in a black robe. Her stare was enchanting, and a door to a new world. He followed her to his freedom.

Chapter 1

He loved the vibe of Miami, but he wasn’t in the city for fun.
Demetrius was there for the money. He was there to re-up, sell drugs, then come back to his daughter. He sat inside the crowded airport and waited for his ride. A boy whined, “Hey, give me back my toy.”
The bigger kid took off. He sprinted towards where Demetrius sat. Demetrius casually but put his feet out and tripped the bully without care. The kid hit face first, dropped the toy, and cried to his father.

“He did it, daddy!” The kid said to his father sniffling and pointing at Demetrius

From the other side of the airline lobby, the father glanced in Demetrius’ direction and noticed Demetrius’s nonchalant demeanor, long dreads, tattoo under his eye, and more tattoos covering his neck. Demetrius turned to the father and looked at him with an emotionless expression.

The father shook and looked down. “It was probably an accident. Let’s get some ice cream! “He said, dreading to look at Demetrius again. He nudged his son towards the nearest Dairy Queen.

“I see where your son gets it from,” Demetrius mumbled in disappointment as he looked down. He noticed a received text saying.

“I’m outside.”
A car with shiny rims pulled up in the Miami Airport pick up lane.

Demetrius smiled. “Wassup bruh,” He said while getting into the silver car. A young black man, with gold teeth, smiled back from the driver seat
“Sak Pase, what’s happening, big bro ?” The driver had a rich Haitian accent.

Demetrius dapped him up. “I can’t call it, just living bruh. What’s been up? ”
“A lot of things….life is different now. ” The cheerful driver leaned towards Demetrius. “Aye, bruh, our days of hiding in the background and hiding from cops about to be over!”

Demetrius looked at him.

“I mean, we don’t have to live in the shadows anymore!”

He smiled and paused.

“Wassup Bruh?” Demetrius said.

“Zoe Majesty broke out of prison !!”

Demetrius’ eyes got big.

” Check this out. A day after Zoe Majesty broke out, he was riding in the car with us. Police flagged us down on Overtown Street,” said the driver.

“What happened,” Demetrius asked in a mellow tone.

“The officer asked for license and registration, and Zoe Majesty was like Nah, step away from our car! I turned to see if the officer had back up and saw his partner being held at gunpoint by a Sureno. Surenos been are our rival gang since forever; they had our back that night, though. More Sorenos came, Bloods came, crips came, MS13’s. We handcuffed the officers with their own handcuffs and threw them in the back of a truck! ” the driver said with enthusiasm.

Demetrius felt like his world completely shift.
“You serious?” Demetrius asked in disbelief

” No cap. We won’t have to live in the dark. It was hundreds of us, and I hear there are many more. We are having a get-together tonight to talk about the plan to take over the country. All felons, cartels, and gangs, and anyone who has been betrayed by this system are on our side. I’m telling you bruh; Its been in the making for years! It’s just been happening in secret. All the OG’s, drug lords, some politicians, have been trading information, weapons, and strategies to strike at the right time!” said the Haitian driver.

“Damn” was all he could say.

Demetrius was speechless.


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