Short Stories

Short Stories

The Glory Realm By: Caleb Hammonds

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TheGlory Realm

Chapter 1

It was the year 2025, when the information age came to an end. Everyone was beyond inspired to bring about the change they sought. I was right in the middle of it. Actually, I was big part of it. The people wanted peace and the ones with the plan, seeked to kill my family to get it. My dad was a businessman and that’s all I knew. But he was the king of a certain lifestyle that they hated. Their hate for my father boiled over into my world. I remember men armed like navy seals broke into our house wearing all black. They broke right into our Los Angeles, California suburb home.  Luxury everywhere, vases, chandeliers, and paintings were all shattered. It seemed like everything stopped while gunshots filled the air. I watched everyone die struggling to fight back but they were outnumbered greatly. It must have been a hundred men in and surrounding our house. My dad, mom, uncle, aunt, three cousins and ten bodyguards were all killed. But the killers avoided doing me harm. They surrounded me and paused. It seemed like the silence spanned for an eternity.
“We have the prize” One of them said over the his radio.
“Okay bring him in!”

The one that seemed to be in charge took of his mask and looked at me with admiration and said, “So you are Caleb Triggs, You look well, I see why they chose you. You have a bright future my boy.” I was still stunned by all that happen. I couldn’t even speak. He then approached me and put a black bag over my head to took me away. I couldn’t bring myself to put up a fight.

Chapter 2

“Caleb, don’t be afraid.  You were picked as a child. We have been watching you and your family, looking for the perfect vessels to run the world. Ten governors will be in charge keeping peace 20 years from now and you are one of them. ”

As he told me these words, I fell deep into a place of pride to be chosen to hold such a big task but I still needed to understand some thing. So, I asked the question that caused me so much pain and confusion.

“Why did you kill my parents?” I said holding back a river of tears.

He looked into my eyes with a fire of ambition and said

“Listen, you’re parents were a big problem with the future of peace. Because of your parents a lot of people are poor, addicted to illegal substance, or dead. I’m aware you’ve seen the signs but you are still naive. You’re parents were dangerous people as you my know. By the many times you’ve heard men beg for mercy in your fathers house. I know you’ve heard him beat his own workers because of deals gone bad. But, thats only a tiny glimpse into the life of your family. He did that to his own workers. Imagine what he did to other people he felt threatened by. He runs a team of people that rob people. He has hitman. There is countless things.”

As he was telling me this I knew it was true, and the more he talked the more I had flash backs on the times I’ve heard cries coming from my dads business room. I remember I seen my dad beat a man until he was leaking with blood, as my mom stood and approved of everything.

“Caleb, you are a special kid. Just because you are a born someone’s son in the body, doesn’t mean they are your parents spiritually.The soul is eternal while the body is here for a moment. I believe you were meant to see the worst in life so you can have a heart to create better and really desire better for the world. This is you’re purpose. We are your true family. Let us train you to become a great leader. What do you say?”

Everything he said to me rung true. Even though these are the people that murdered my family I felt I should forgive them. I was beginning to see the world through his eyes so I agreed to be the future of the world.

Chapter 3

20 years went by and I was now the leader of a 10th of the world. I had all the knowledge, wisdom and power the world could offer. We brought peace to all humankind. One night as I was walking along the lake behind my castle, I fell into I deep state of ecstasy. It was like my spirit was going else where. Next thing I knew, there was a glowing man standing in front of me wearing a white robe.

“Caleb, we all see your thoughts in the upper realms. So, you think you brought peace? Let me show you something and lets see if your mind changes. I’m sure it will. because you are not who you think you are.”

As soon as his last word processed through my soul, our surroundings changed. We were at an open gate with millions of souls walking into a walled city. It was dark and gloomy. It was death and it was hungry for dead souls. We walked into the gate. In there, I saw some of the same figures that came in my nightmares as a child. They were standing on top of the buildings looking up to the sky with they’re arms up in the air.

“Who are they? And what are they doing?”, I asked the glowing man.

“Those men with the black armor and red eyes are the sciolist and they are preparing to sacrifice dead souls to the ignorant one in the sky.”

“How is this happening? Whose souls are dead and how?

“They are dead because they lack understanding of truth, they think that you and your other leaders bring peace and order to the universe. Them believing a lie has destroyed their souls and turned them into food for the ignorant ones.

After his last words were finished, thunder blasted through the ears of the air. Then, an enormous hand pierced the sky above the sciolist. The hand scooped down violently towards the dead souls. It snatched them all up as they were screaming with horror. Then suddenly like a flash, it all was gone before my eyes. I was standing by the lake with a new heart. I had a new purpose. I needed to reveal the truth.

Chapter 4

All rulers have an initiate ceremony, where we are recognized as the gods of men and of the creators of the universe. It’s a big part of how we keep control of the people. Four districts will be there. That’s about two billion souls willing to be deceived by lies. They will believe anything we tell them. After what I saw the other night, I can’t go through with it. So, I will tell them the truth. Standing in the doorway of my palace looking over billions of people roaring my name, I felt like this was my time to display true honor.

“Now, Caleb the faithful” The Host said with a loud voice that everyone could hear.

Then I walked forward to reveal all. All eyes were fixed on me and the silence was perfect. I knew this was my moment of redemption for all the lives I’ve lead astray. The spirit of truth entered me and I began to speak. “The truth is, I haven’t been faithful until today. Yes, I believe we are all sons of God but I am not superior to any of you all” After i said those first words, I watched all their faces go from joy to confusion. I looked over to the other rulers beside me and they looked like they where angry but I had to keep going. I couldn’t help it.

“We are not the ones who wake you up every morning or provide the sun or the rain. We don’t provide the air or any of the basics of life. We are men just like you” As I was saying this, the rulers became infuriated. Their fist were clinching. They wanted to kill me. Then, I looked down at the people and saw the glowing man. He motioned with his head, telling me to keep going so I did. Behind me, the rulers had enough they were walking towards me to throw me off the balcony.

“Even though we are all men, we can work together and still have peace”

And those were my last words, before I felt six hands lift me and toss me off the edge. But I wasn’t there. That body was not me.I saw my body hit the ground and watched as the people looked in amazement. I was now standing from afar behind the crowd but none of them could see me. I turned to my side and there was the glowing man.

He told me ” You are alive”.

His voice sounded so familiar and I asked, ” Who are you?

I looked into his face and he looked just like me and he said ” I am you”

Short Stories

The Kingdom Of Angels (Interlude) By: Caleb Hammonds

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I saw myself standing in front of me shining and in beautiful clothing. I was in fear at first but then I had great joy to see myself in such good condition. We hugged then kissed each other on the cheek. After expressing our love, we became one body. My surroundings suddenly changed in I was in the mist of a great praise. Angels resembling the glowing spirit of myself were everywhere.

“Come Caleb I have something to show you!” One of the angels said while gently placing his hand on my shoulder.

I followed him through the crowd of angels as they parted to make way for us. They all looked at me with faces of much admiration. They loved me. When we got to the middle there were billions of thrones surrounding one huge throne.

“All these thrones belong to the overcomers of the world. They belong to people like you, who speak the truth even in the face of death and protect the weak. At the end of all ages and generations. You all will be brought here to be praised for your great works along with the King of all Kings, and the God of all. His throne is the one in the middle”

After he told me these things I felt greatly honored but i had a feeling there was more.

“What do I do until the end of the ages?” I asked

He smiled and said ” Just like other overcomers before you, you now watch over the next generation and guide them to the truth. But I will have you know. As the time of the end approaches, evil grows stronger. No need to worry because it is your purpose to prevail even through the darkest moments so never lose hope. That is the message you must past on. Now, come meet the next overcomer who is greater than you”

To be continued……..