Some words with rhythm and encouragement


Love For My Naked Soul

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I am the one whom you have hidden from,and you appear to me.

Perfect Mind (Nag Hammadi Codex VI, 2)

I fell from the heavens without a name,

Because I had to earn it with fire

Through the times they would put me in shame

For uncommon high reaching desires

Made me feel I was insane but God knows

I was walking by faith. I’m insecure

So, for sure the angels sang their high notes

I needed prayer from them. I’m broken

This was all unspoken like it came from Oblivion!

I had nothing to show for it but a naked body

Say Something! God please say something!

Only old scriptures were handed to me

And there it was, ” I will crown you with affliction

I’ll break your mortal part, until God is all you can mention

No nightmare will leave you, until you can honestly see truth

That love covers everything, and nobody can see you……………..

……………………….But Me!


I’m Mesmerized By Jas

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To a girl taking on the courage to forgive:

God has a plan but, I couldn’t see this coming

How things that seem like nothing can turn into something

How family goes deeper than blood

Even deeper than face to face conversations

You’re like a star that’s waiting to be known

In the middle of space with no other stars to be shown

But we’re still connected like fibers in bones

In different worlds, environments, and thoughts

Still I have a small feel of the battles you’ve fought

You stand up for forgiveness, even past your own limits

It made my love grow, you inspire as a sister

So today, I show how I’m gifted

With a heart’s intuition

With letters on a mission

To appreciate how you put violence away

For this, I love you forever, Happy Valentines Day!


Jesus Will Come Back

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Jesus Coming

When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.

John 14:3

Dear, Jesus I know you’re coming back

Until then, we’re cooking up a present for you

A squad of believers running laps

Practicing the lessons from you

When you left, we got scattered

With something in our hearts to search out what really matters

While you were gone, I’ve been climbing many ladders

Reaching higher peaks but still feeling sadder

As the days go by, the pack is getting stronger

Because aggravation in our flesh

And our valleys getting steeper

We have Feelings of abandon but you are not a sleeper

You’re just giving us the chance to to show signs of a keeper

By residing in our faith in every situation

We remember who you are with a joyful celebration

Because your faithful dedication, we know we’re going to make it

Looking to the sky until, It unfolds your truest nature


To Earn The Crown

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Stay above water edit

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because that person will receive the crown of life

James 1:12

Sometimes I ask what’s life

I’m working so much and my body hurts

I come in whenever they ask me

I’m holding back tears now

I don’t want to give up

I’m fighting thoughts of complaining

I feed my mind with purpose

I’m defeating my body it will all be worth it

My light will burst out and lead the way

I’ll be a true leader when it’s my time of day

When I run my own kingdom, I’ll have what it takes


Death, The New Black

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Death Is The New Black

But if through the power of the Spirit you put to death the deeds of your sinful nature, you will live.

Romans 8:13

The loneliness and heartbreaking moments are making me cringe

I promise to hold my soul in my body though

If my faith snaps, my running will end. I’ll be sitting in hell

Wearing a face making it easy to tell that I failed

It’s hard to handle this

The weight of my purpose is making me weak but deep in my soul a candle is lit

Heavy legs and swallow breaths, I only move because he’s phenomenal

This strength is not my own so I keep reminders all around me

A wall full of scriptures to help picture my journey

When I wake, my eyes set the mark of my yearning

Watery eyes from overflow of passionate burning

I’m zealous like a drowning man wanting to breath

I’ve learned to keep focus no matter what another may think.

I’ve learned to be hated and mistreated.

I learned to see like an angel of God

My flesh my enemy.

Every cell battling to get rid of me

They say just complain

But not even myself is bigger than faith

So after objection I make, I push on to be phenomenal.