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I have a story to tell,

A path of unbelievable dreams,

Black kid with a quieter tone

Ablaze by the king of all kings,

Broken souls go searching for a place

They follow the kid for he can relate.
I have a story to tell,

An art worth more than diamonds,

A gifted bunch

Giving feelings of church after the crying

Annoited with compassionate sight,

For the needy and forgotten they fight.



Glow At Night By: Caleb Hammonds

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God gave me challenges

It prepared me for the smoke

He took my dreams from me

Bitter tears spill on my coat

Heavenly stripes
Beat my body and sent good spirits up

I was empty and he filled me up

Gangstas killed my brothers

I glorify and lift him up

Grandma broke her soul
Showed her light in her prayer closet,

I owe my life in Gods deposit

He answered her prayer

Now I glow at night

Through all our problems
Amen 🌙


Seeking Gods Kingdom Keeps Me Alive

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I hate my myself and most don’t know

I break myself and go where most won’t go

I cast my vote with the talentless

Those addicted to cannabis

Waiting for me to speak fire until their candles lit

Excellent glory behind the veils of my story

Once saved from a collapsing building

A hunch gave me thoughts appealing to crush my demons

My lust must not touch my thinking

The heavens rush to give me meaning before my soul stops breathing

Retrieving more life on high

Big wolf cries when angel sighs break my pride

Blade in my side until Gods will dispels hate from my eyes

I pray for dyes of pure intention distant from manly vision

With my heart I listen to the letters on the walls of my heavenly mansion

My land expansion was the cause of my extended giving

My body is tired but my soul isnt

I grow with no limit because of the goal thats in me


Finding Christ By: Caleb Hammonds

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Year One:  The Cause Of It All

You wasn’t proud of me

I know I wasn’t raised right

At night I used to cry

because I wanted more wisdom

My body was my prison

I was having strong visions but I didn’t get it

All this ambition with no way to make it happen

No skills, I couldn’t communicate

You said you let me down

Asked if I was plotting to kill you

I frowned,

I don’t know how it got this way

But I’m glad it came this way

No friends and no family

Only silence and the stars at night

To vibe with my cries

Wrapped me in your arms so tight and

Said you’ll never let me down

Year Two:  I Talked With God

I talked with God at my lowest

When things moved slower

And the world got colder

I was tempted to

Stop striving for perfection

And stop being chosen

My happiness subsided

because somebody stole it

before I could kill myself

his words became golden

I seen angels moving boulders

breaking their wearied shoulders

Showed me scriptures are

militaries dedicated and focused

He closed that door to heavenly forces after

He perceived my eyes had been opened

Since that day, though many days be morbid

I never lose faith showing my spirit to be hopeless

Year Three:  A Grateful Bleeding Heart

You put my pain in perspective

And that’s a blessing

You give my enemies advantage,

to show your presence

I pray for faith,

you give me tears to swallow

If I can’t be humble,

I won’t see tomorrow

Your story is the source of my victory

Your hand crushes humanity

giving my spirit some liberty

As I walk in Christianity

requesting all synergy

I learn from my pain

to see how love truly leads

Year Four:  Eyes On The Throne

Tonight, tears water my soul

I walk beneath people,

top of my head under their soles

I feel the complaints,

I pray to God

I can hold them in

Tossing and turning It’s hard to sleep

Ambitions are churning me

Thinking about angels and

the plans they will bring to fruit

The stars praising my pursuit for a life a truth

I do what others won’t cause

I believe this life is nothing

Running me over and pushing my buttons

I let go of my lovers

Now my discussions are lonely

Seen my homies fold under pressure,

but we started together

Makes me feel like my efforts are helpless

because they were the better

Better in strength,

and had more lovers and friends

But still here I am, with my eyes the goal

Tears water my soul

The stars watch as I grow

Just a kid in a home with his family gone

a kid on his own

With his eyes on the throne


The Night I Died By: Caleb Hammonds

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Screws in my head falling loose

Beetle juice evading my home

No friends in my phone

My conscience won’t leave me alone

Drive off this bridge

 It makes sense cause I can’t make a cent

Money on money these conversations ain’t funny

Bring nothing to the table your practically nothing

Lowest I ever been, when God became my medicine

Gave me wisdom to transcend humanly etiquette

My brother, my brother, my sister I represent

My body on fire,  my soul ascends

The devil my friend, beat my body for dividends

Make my friends switch sides so I can enjoy your life

Spear in my side, my head faces to the sky

Never asking why, but thank you God for these stripes