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Reflection Of My Heart

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I stand at the edge of myself

United with the world around me

Things aren’t the way I envisioned

Because I have not found peace


I see a reflection of my heart

In all of my surroundings

The good parts and the bad parts

Cover the soul of the county


The voice of my conscience

Revealed all things are my doing

The separation and despair

Flowed from thoughts of my choosing


I care for my country and generation

Because it is my body

Lord, help me to better myself

And the world around me will copy


A Portion Of My Story By: Caleb Hammonds

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My Jesus and my faith

is all I put my heart into

I have nothing else

When my parents showed they were human

God became my only friend

I  have no one else

I wanted to drive off a bridge one night

But I survived because of him

I used to be lost

Without money to lend

But God sent me some friends

They were willing to give

The stars cherished my tears

attended my prayers

I just wanted to be righteous

Wanted to see God

And grow in his likeness


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If The City Spoke For Me By: Caleb Hammonds

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While evil is blurry in the mind

A reservoir of hope appears from the heart

The heart was a fighter who lit up the path

A soldier who accepted his love wholeheartedly

Before evil could conquer the soul,


It asked did you show love today?

I said, yes with fear squeezing my chest

Then the city spoke for me,

For it is apart of me


My Greatest Day By: Caleb Hammonds

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  To see my heart on the outside

Break through the evil of my flesh

People helping one another living in harmony

Becoming the spirit whose purpose is guarding me forever

The greatest day for me is when love swallows my sins

And I forget my wrongdoings

I’ll become one with my enemies

Yeah, they’ll befriend me for the better

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Underground Activity

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I have a story to tell,

A path of unbelievable dreams,

Black kid with a quieter tone

Ablaze by the king of all kings,

Broken souls go searching for a place

They follow the kid for he can relate.
I have a story to tell,

An art worth more than diamonds,

A gifted bunch

Giving feelings of church after the crying

Annoited with compassionate sight,

For the needy and forgotten they fight.