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Silentwork: The Future Of Florida Basketball

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When you watch the video below, we can agree that those middle school basketball players, have talent and work ethic. Silentwork begins with the trainer you hear in the background of the video. He is the visionary behind the lifestyle and he is John Barnes.

I’ve had a chance to train alongside John in the summer back in 2012, and it was for the whole summer. I seen that he is a hard worker and very talented. We spent many mornings at the old rec center on Jet Dr. dribbling through cones, running sprints, and playing full court one-on-one only using our left hands to shoot.

Six years later, in 2018, John has his own vision for basketball training. His sessions feel like training with family, training with a brother that loves you and wants you to do better in life. John is competitive and it comes out in the competition part of his training sessions. We do three point shootouts, dribbling around cones and making shots games, one-on-one two dribbles, and one-on-one three dribbles. His workouts give you a way to better your skills and gives opportunity to compete against other players that have a love for basketball too.

Along with many other athletic programs that are rising in Fort Walton Beach, Silentwork will be the foundation of many future athletes coming out of Okaloosa County.

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Morelife Wellness Is Training Spirit And Body

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Its 7am. The sun is barely up. Kavika and I are at the beach getting ready for our first morning workout together with his new physical, mental, and spiritual training brand, Morelife Wellness.

Kavika was the starting safety at Fort Walton Beach a few years back and has a lot of experience training with other athletes, most of them being football players that are now playing in college or growing to higher levels of fitness.

I was a little nervous about my ability to handle his workout but I knew it would push me to the next level. We started out with ladders and I’ve done ladders before but the resistance of the soft deep sand made it tough. We ended the workout with a bamboo stick and buckets of water on each end. We did lunges, squats, and arm curls with the stick and it was tough. Kavika helped me dig deep giving me the desire and will to complete the workout. He showed me something I didnt know I had.

“Come on, one more set bro” Kavika said as I hesitantly put the stick and buckets of water on my shoulders.

“I dont know if I got it in me bro” I replied.

“You never know until you try it”

I was motivated to take a couple of wobbly lunges until I made it half way and started to get my balance and more confidence.

“See! you don’t know how strong you are bro. Lets gooo. You got this.”

It took everything I had in me but I managed to complete the workout. It was only a 30 minute workout but it left my muscles exhausted in a way they have never been exhausted before. I felt like I accomplished something. I saw what a little faith matched with a great friend could do.

After the workout, Kavika told me about his goals for Morelife Wellness and how he wants to build people up in their spirit and not just in there physical. He also plans to make it about cleaning the community beaches as well by influencing his clients to take a minute to pick up trash on the beaches. I believed in his mission wholeheartedly and we became two guys with a dream to help others helping each other haha.

I continued to work out with Kavika for the remainder of the summer for about two months and I see the improvement in my strength and my overall well being. I believe what he is building will bring a lot of joy and good spirit to Okaloosa County.

Follow Morelife Wellness on Instagram and stay tuned for future services and products the brand will offer. Follow Morelife Wellness @morelifeonelove