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Dreams of Romance By: Caleb Hammonds

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I notice who you are when you walk into the room.

I don’t see your mirror reflection because I’m more perspective.

I see your essence in spiritual form as my eyes dance with adorn.

I see unity in yourself, your angels, and your God illuminating your presence.

I see you for eternity while to others you are evanescence (fading from sight).

I see you as I see myself because im a mystical farmer.

I planted a seed in my universe then, you sprout in my garden.

I speak dreams to your mind and paint our world like an artist.

Until our time intertwines and a kiss comes to harvest.


Little Gods Evolving By: Caleb Hammonds

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I see my brothers and sisters connected like a billion-piece puzzle

Eating the earth for nutrition and to let nature form our muscles

My curious heart speaks out “How can I expand our legacy to the next generation?”

I inhaled love, then floated up to estacy, where heaven told me generousity is key to this equation

Teach the kids to love themselves as children of the most high and put value on compassion

Show them what it feels like, to master a gift and align with others who share the same passion

Imagine a community of gods evolving who’ll bring heaven to the masses.


Grateful For It All By: Caleb Hammonds

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My new mindset is good for me. It sheds old emotions, I no longer need to succeed.

In fact, I never needed anger to prove myself to my father. Or frustration to send a message to my overprotective mother.

My new mindset accepts all God sends my way in order to grow in strength, knowledge, and wisdom. Everyone from the past, were like Angels testing me. 

While inside my heavenly father and mother gives me whispers to align with my destiny. I’m grateful for it all.


Love You More Than You Think By: Caleb Hammonds

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Molded in the darkness so she couldn’t receive my light

Regularly beating herself up, as if she didn’t deserve love

My thoughts are kind, So it’s all goodness when I observe us

Breaking barriers is my specialty,

Enforcing the boundaries of my kingdom

Wisdom is my estacy, so I keep a plan in our vision

I understand her emotions can put her mind in the clouds

So I guide us with a blueprint and write our destinations all down

I desire to connect mentally, intentionally putting my mind next to her perception

Seeing if my universal love and life of no regrets can bless her

The seasons were dating, then downgraded to friendship, to her acting as my enemy, attacking my character with a sentence

So back on the ferris wheel, of my eternal forgiving soul

When she comes to her senses we can finish on this road


Renee’s Roses

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I’m proud to call you a friend because of your courage.

I admire your strength and your endurance.

I cry with you because your pain is my pain.

God gave me an opportunity to mingle with a kindred spirit.

In heaven, I fly with you.

I hurt inside for all the tears you shed.

Your well being influences the plans in my head.

Life is short, so I’ll give you roses while we are here.

Lay them In your mind🌹🧠, So my love for you is clear.

Our friendship is dear to me.

I feel complete when you are near to me.

You are a Queen and I enjoy helping you build up your kingdom.

I enjoy taking time to build a friendship with meaning.

Your smile is beautiful like angelic singing.

I’m watching you bloom in your season and become a light to the world, a beacon