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Energies Clash By: Caleb Hammonds

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I knew I wanted you when I saw how you think.

But then, we went two steps backward

Afterward, you showed me persistence.

Let’s work on friendship, but there is a wall I can’t get through

Its communication or trust or maybe our stars don’t align

Our hearts are too far, making it hard for our minds to coincide.

I want you in my life, but not right now because I can’t handle it.

My hands are full with troubles I deal with daily.

Maybe I was hoping some connection would save me.

Instead, more pain to deal with makes me want to be alone

Almost a year ago we talked, I noticed that you have grown.

Hopefully, I’ll come back with more patience and strength.

So I can stay in your presence and not leave you alone.

Love Caleb,

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Max Keebaugh

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Max is a reliable player because he usually makes the right plays.
His style of play is essential to team chemistry and makes him the glue for a good offense. He helps his team’s offense flow with his right decisions. Max can shoot the ball and has good enough ball control not to make unnecceary turnovers. Max also has the right attitude when playing and doesn’t take to game too seriously. I would pick him on my team. Overall, I believe Max is a solid player that can play at the next level


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Jalen Evans is a Floor General

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Jalen is Agapelife Film’s biggest fan. So I had to make a video for him. He is an 8th grader at Lewis Middle School. He loves basketball and plays all year long with school ball and AAU. When he isn’t playing, he goes to local high school basketball games. He told me about several players I should connect with to get videos made. He is a smart kid on and off the court. On the court, he is a vocal and passionate leader. Maybe he could tone it done a bit and remember it’s an only game, but that’s my opinion. Overall I believe he will be a leader because he isn’t afraid to speak. Jalen is a good guy. Check out his video.


Adrienne 👑

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Your strength and beauty is amazing
And your armor of faith has me awestruck
I can see your life changing
Because you still worship through your problems

I admire you and your inner spirit
I respect you and how you handle responsibilities
You shine like a angel because they are all around you
In time, you will win and I can’t wait till the heavens crown you.