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No Rules On Love By: Kaeleb of Land of the Lawless

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Background: Kaeleb is a lead character in the book series, Land of the Lawless, he is chosen to rule as king of the earthly realm in his aeon (generation or universe) because of his love and perceptive truth. Here is a poem that displays a glimpse into his rebellious but accepting mindset:

It was against the social norm to help a black man out but,

Rules don’t apply to me.

My parents said don’t date a woman outside of my race.

But, I am love and rules don’t apply to kings.

I grew up doing things differnt and usually got made fun of; people called me weird.

I’m glad love has no fear, so I didn’t shed a single tear.

I used to wonder, why put limitations on something that always does wants right.

Why hold back the creative, transformative spirit when there is no harmful seed in sight.


A Goddess Awoken By: Caleb Hammonds

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Your thick curves are mother nature. Your hips are the foundation of life. You sway at a sensual pace putting a smile on my warrior face.

Your core is strong like the root of a family. Holding it all together with your love and strong boundaries.

Your breast are mouth watering because they nuture and provide. A woman is mans best friend because her ability to secure a babes life.

I see through your eyes past your physical into your imagination, where you yearn for freedom for your good works. Your spirit deserves liberation.

You deserve to have your mind penetrated with words that cause release; that makes your body so flexible, that your head can lay next to your knees.

Wide open for your rivers to flow because the words of a young king has spoken.

His words to a queen now turn to a goddess awoken.


Planting a Goddess in Darkness By: Kaeleb

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Background: This is the poem Kaeleb wrote to his wife in the upcoming sequel of Land of the Lawless

Our bodies speak an alien language that nobody knows

Its the true mother tongue, God’s speech of love.

Our souls go on adventures where nobody goes

Because we truly are creatures of new experiences.

I see your angelic aura with my spiritual eye piercing your flesh

I express to you everything that is missing so we make our spirits aligned to have the firecest sex

My tone is kind because I choose not to lose your attention

I build a gold fortress in your soul, where your spirit resides in riches

I love sexing your body because I have investments here

I love watering and planting until my goddess appears

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Dreams of Romance By: Caleb Hammonds

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I notice who you are when you walk into the room.

I don’t see your mirror reflection because I’m more perspective.

I see your essence in spiritual form as my eyes dance with adorn.

I see unity in yourself, your angels, and your God illuminating your presence.

I see you for eternity while to others you are evanescence (fading from sight).

I see you as I see myself because im a mystical farmer.

I planted a seed in my universe then, you sprout in my garden.

I speak dreams to your mind and paint our world like an artist.

Until our time intertwines and a kiss comes to harvest.


Little Gods Evolving By: Caleb Hammonds

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I see my brothers and sisters connected like a billion-piece puzzle

Eating the earth for nutrition and to let nature form our muscles

My curious heart speaks out “How can I expand our legacy to the next generation?”

I inhaled love, then floated up to estacy, where heaven told me generousity is key to this equation

Teach the kids to love themselves as children of the most high and put value on compassion

Show them what it feels like, to master a gift and align with others who share the same passion

Imagine a community of gods evolving who’ll bring heaven to the masses.