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Usually the wisest are careful with association
Only speaking under the right occasions
Eyes over a mask with a calm aura
Red was the color she wore, her body stored confidence, passion, and strong will
Intelligently walking through strong winds
Life is her canvas, a goddess, with romantic eyes that performs dances
Second glances to feel enchanted
Her looks heal insecurities and make the ugly feel handsome
Sophia, a name called wisdom
She uses all colors like a prism with her gifts and artistic vision
One in a million of all women
Surely she is one of Gods children


Layers of Pain By: Caleb Hammonds

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Intense tension squeezing my brain

Maintaining focus to not go cross-eyed.

Fixing my face to not look insane

Over ten years and nothing has changed.

Carrying all this weight because one mans name

Carry my cross, throwing up after walking, I’m more than exhausted.

Ignoring people advise because yall are far from my road

Most haven’t even crossed it.

A few friends edified; without you, I’d probably die.

At least could I have peace in my surroundings

But I’m weaker than the weakest in my county.

Using all my strength to speak, afterward, I start crying.

I can’t talk because of the mountains I am climbing.

My walk is in silence because, In the past, I got violent.

Can you guys stop yelling at each other

I wish I could cut everyone off, but I need them.

Can’t wait until I’m independent, most of you won’t see me.

Like the wind, he just blew away, layers of pain, you can see it in his face.

Overworking this season, until it all becomes real and no more dreaming


Greatest Woman I Ever Met By: Caleb Hammonds

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You are greatest woman I ever met

You have my heart and my respect

Sometimes the timing is wrong.

Because we haven’t passed all our test

You are a star and your blessed, left a scar in my chest I’ll never forget

A tattoo on my soul with your name on it

If I was to change, I would lose my aim and my focus.

It’s not you, it is me that is wrong.

Because to get along, someone has to bend

Like how you always do for your family and friends

But not for me, maybe because we’ve only met

And I’ve haven’t won your respect.

My purpose is carved out, and my vision is clear.

The only thing I’m missing is a woman to steer from the rear.

Protect me from fears, be my insurance and protection

Someone that can follow directions

But I’m wrong because I’m different.

I’m only focused on my mission, and I understand what it takes to get it.

So focused on my mission I missed out on the greatest woman I ever mentioned


Energies Clash By: Caleb Hammonds

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I knew I wanted you when I saw how you think.

But then, we went two steps backward

Afterward, you showed me persistence.

Let’s work on friendship, but there is a wall I can’t get through

Its communication or trust or maybe our stars don’t align

Our hearts are too far, making it hard for our minds to coincide.

I want you in my life, but not right now because I can’t handle it.

My hands are full with troubles I deal with daily.

Maybe I was hoping some connection would save me.

Instead, more pain to deal with makes me want to be alone

Almost a year ago we talked, I noticed that you have grown.

Hopefully, I’ll come back with more patience and strength.

So I can stay in your presence and not leave you alone.

Love Caleb,