Month: October 2022


No Rules On Love By: Kaeleb of Land of the Lawless

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Background: Kaeleb is a lead character in the book series, Land of the Lawless, he is chosen to rule as king of the earthly realm in his aeon (generation or universe) because of his love and perceptive truth. Here is a poem that displays a glimpse into his rebellious but accepting mindset:

It was against the social norm to help a black man out but,

Rules don’t apply to me.

My parents said don’t date a woman outside of my race.

But, I am love and rules don’t apply to kings.

I grew up doing things differnt and usually got made fun of; people called me weird.

I’m glad love has no fear, so I didn’t shed a single tear.

I used to wonder, why put limitations on something that always does wants right.

Why hold back the creative, transformative spirit when there is no harmful seed in sight.