Love You More Than You Think By: Caleb Hammonds

Molded in the darkness so she couldn’t receive my light

Regularly beating herself up, as if she didn’t deserve love

My thoughts are kind, So it’s all goodness when I observe us

Breaking barriers is my specialty,

Enforcing the boundaries of my kingdom

Wisdom is my estacy, so I keep a plan in our vision

I understand her emotions can put her mind in the clouds

So I guide us with a blueprint and write our destinations all down

I desire to connect mentally, intentionally putting my mind next to her perception

Seeing if my universal love and life of no regrets can bless her

The seasons were dating, then downgraded to friendship, to her acting as my enemy, attacking my character with a sentence

So back on the ferris wheel, of my eternal forgiving soul

When she comes to her senses we can finish on this road

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