Month: May 2022


Love You More Than You Think By: Caleb Hammonds

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Molded in the darkness so she couldn’t receive my light

Regularly beating herself up, as if she didn’t deserve love

My thoughts are kind, So it’s all goodness when I observe us

Breaking barriers is my specialty,

Enforcing the boundaries of my kingdom

Wisdom is my estacy, so I keep a plan in our vision

I understand her emotions can put her mind in the clouds

So I guide us with a blueprint and write our destinations all down

I desire to connect mentally, intentionally putting my mind next to her perception

Seeing if my universal love and life of no regrets can bless her

The seasons were dating, then downgraded to friendship, to her acting as my enemy, attacking my character with a sentence

So back on the ferris wheel, of my eternal forgiving soul

When she comes to her senses we can finish on this road


Renee’s Roses

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I’m proud to call you a friend because of your courage.

I admire your strength and your endurance.

I cry with you because your pain is my pain.

God gave me an opportunity to mingle with a kindred spirit.

In heaven, I fly with you.

I hurt inside for all the tears you shed.

Your well being influences the plans in my head.

Life is short, so I’ll give you roses while we are here.

Lay them In your mind🌹🧠, So my love for you is clear.

Our friendship is dear to me.

I feel complete when you are near to me.

You are a Queen and I enjoy helping you build up your kingdom.

I enjoy taking time to build a friendship with meaning.

Your smile is beautiful like angelic singing.

I’m watching you bloom in your season and become a light to the world, a beacon


Sex with your Mind By: Caleb Hammonds

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When you met me, you knew I was different.

Straight to the point, and gave you my mission

I communicate to make sense, and give the keys to my interest

Laid out the map, when I said you seem intelligent and deep

I was curious to see if you were the coach for my team

I created this thing, to accomplish my dreams

Make millions in spiritual currency, spreading love and positive influence

My good character is insurance that I can lead you

Guide you with kindness, never mistreat you

The world needs you at your full potential, and in your best mental

I know how to make things simple, slow down your chaotic emotions

Put  real plans in motion because my gift is my focus

Trust the way I walk in the room like I own it

Or the way I go after anything when I want it

Trust in friends forever, or the fact that want you,

The real you. 易


Kingdoms Fall

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Kingdoms fall, kingdoms rise

Before I die, I’ll create new possibilities

And new paths to walk to riches.

My values are created by the great one

Sitting at the round table of world religions and philosophies

The same knowledge that made me an anonmaly

I left society a loner and battled depression

I was searching for truth, hoping to put together the pieces before I exit

And I did that to make the perfect mindset.

Do what’s right in my eyes, and don’t wait for the rest of the world to find it

God wrote the plan for the takeover and I signed it

I don’t have to fit in the world when I can create one

In the midst, spiritually breaking down kingdoms, making room for the great one


Rivers and Relationships 🤞By: Caleb Hammonds

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I remembered you straddled my wisdom with your sensuality.

Every touch is water for the seed I planted.

Rubbing oil on the curves of your anatomy.

The stress from your life begins to vanish.

Man and woman energy becomes static.

Then we separate, just like God planned it.

Welcoming you back, is a habit because forgiveness is the answer

I’m the dam, that creates the boundaries for your essence to flow in.

Standing on my principles makes me firm, for your wetness when I go in.

Rivers over flowing, pleasurable moments.

Our bond is the ecosystem for a great relationship to grow in.