Month: September 2021


Growing into Man By: Kaeleb of LOTL

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Background: Kaeleb wrote this poem to his woman before they became married in spirit, mind, and body. Becoming one ☯️

There are so many perks of growing into Man, like watching a beautiful woman melt in your hands.

I love when her legs, intertwine with mine. Connecting her soul to my vine. Our hands lock. Her guard drops. Time stops.

It’s beautiful being man. Watching her mind bend like rubber. Becoming what I need her to be.

Molding her mind slowly as she sees the leader in me. Being a man is about love and respect.

It’s about staying calm when her emotions put you to test. It’s about understanding the dance of masculine and feminine friendship.

About understanding the illusion, there’s no male in or female confusion, only one human two energies in unison.