Greatest Woman I Ever Met By: Caleb Hammonds

You are greatest woman I ever met

You have my heart and my respect

Sometimes the timing is wrong.

Because we haven’t passed all our test

You are a star and your blessed, left a scar in my chest I’ll never forget

A tattoo on my soul with your name on it

If I was to change, I would lose my aim and my focus.

It’s not you, it is me that is wrong.

Because to get along, someone has to bend

Like how you always do for your family and friends

But not for me, maybe because we’ve only met

And I’ve haven’t won your respect.

My purpose is carved out, and my vision is clear.

The only thing I’m missing is a woman to steer from the rear.

Protect me from fears, be my insurance and protection

Someone that can follow directions

But I’m wrong because I’m different.

I’m only focused on my mission, and I understand what it takes to get it.

So focused on my mission I missed out on the greatest woman I ever mentioned

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