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Land Of The Lawless

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Angel Academy was a school special to the community. It created a sense of purpose inside the students who attended it. When you find out who you are, you can impact the world. That saying is what drove Angel Academy. It was a school created to teach children to love another and see all people as divine souls.

“Most of you have gifts that will allow you to be influential leaders in society one day. We have been doing drills and accessing leadership qualities these past few weeks. Today, we will see if you can spar and remain disciplined,” said Brother Joshua.

Demetrius knew why the instructor said most of you instead of all of you; because Demetrius was there for the Juvenile Recovery Program. Demetrius hated the school and how uptight everyone acted; It was too structured. They could only visit home during the summer. They only ate plant-based diets and were prominent on spiritual, mental, and physical health.

“Kaeleb, don’t hold back!” Demetrius said to his cousin. They both shadow boxed away from the rest of the group.
” I won’t, ” Kaleb responded, sure of himself.

Demetrius and Kaeleb were opposites in that Kaeleb loved the structure and tried to please everyone. Still, Demetrius was a rebel who always voiced his opinion. They were the same size, and both had bright caramel skin. Demetrius continued to joyfully throw punches. The other students looked in disgust because Demetrius never acted this way. He didn’t show any interest in schoolwork or when a coach was going over fighting fundamentals.

“This guy is just ignorant. I hope I get to fight him,” said Brendan as he wrapped up his hands. Brendan was the son of a Police Chief that was killed in a drug bust. He had an intense hatred for thug-like people and was determined to be head of Narcotics investigations one day to put an end to drug cartels.

Demetrius noticed the dean of the school, pull their martial arts instructor aside. The dean whispered something in his ears. The instructor called brother Joshua, already had squinty eyes because he was Asian. Still, he noticeably closed his eyes in disappointment at what the dean said.

“Okay let’s line up!” said brother Joshua
The gazebo protected them from the bright beam of the sun. The students lined up to hear the rest of what brother Joshua had to say.
Joshua turned to Demetrius.

“Demetrius, did you steal $200 from the tuition box” Joshua announced in front of all the students.

“What ?.,” he snapped to himself. Only Kaeleb could hear him. “Nah, I ain’t steal no two hundred dollars! Why you ask me out of all the people at this school!!” Demetrius yelled back.

“Because you are the only thief here! ” Brendan fumed. He turned to face Demetrius from the other end of the gazebo.

The dean and instructor stood by watching to see how they would resolve the situation.

“Shut up, punk!” Demetrius flared

“Come make me!” Brendan jumped out of the line taunting Demetrius. Demetrius quickly approached him with his hands down, inviting Brendan to attack him. Brandan quickly threw two punches at his face, but Demetrius ducked to make them miss. Brendan was left off balance as Demetrius scooped his body up and dropped Brendan on his back. Demetrius let off several strong punches to his face before brother Joshua yelled: “Okay, that’s enough!”

They both stood up and brushed the dirt of their martial arts uniforms. The dean of the school, Lucas Sharpe, stepped forward. He was very athletic for his age, with almost a perfect physique.

“Demetrius, are you sure you didn’t take the money? Is it okay if I check you?” asked Lucas calmly.

“Naw, you can’t check me. Check someone else,” Demetrius replied

“If I can’t check you then you need to call your parents and leave” Lucas replied

“Because I’m the only one with a past you come after me. Man, you all are horrible.” Demetrius continued to insult Dean Lucas ” ” Demetrius took of his martial arts jacket and threw at Lucas’s face and walked away.

Lucas’s calm demeanor turned into a face of anger and embarrassment as he watched Demetrius back away. Lucas made a quick call on his cell phone.

“Demetrius Williams put that name on the blacklist. He has already exhausted all his options to turn his life around, and not he assaults me. He is lucky, that’s all I am doing to him. He will never have a job in this country” said Lucas

“Yes sir,” a voice replied from the cell phone.

Demetrius made his exit through the metal side gate of the school. He didn’t usually feel bad about stealing, but this time he felt guilt. “Always blaming me. Yeah, I took the money, but they didn’t even ask anyone else,” Demetrius said to himself. He dug up the money from his hiding place and went towards his destiny.

Chapter 1

It was at Columbia Correctional Institution in Lake City, Florida, where Zoe Majesty remembered the hour the sorceress would break him out. He was tired of the depressing white walls, but her promise gave him strength. He looked across the cell at his roommate, took a breath, then recited the prophetic words under his breath.
“The Dawn is here. Blessed are those who are forced to walk at night.

His roommate stared at him in concern.
“You alright,” he asked.

“Do you believe we are slaves? We are so much more, ” Zoe Majesty asked while he stood up.

“What?” snapped his roommate. “You are not planning to break out, are you? Let me know so I can leave the cell. I just wanna finish my time and get back to my family”.

“That’s unfortunate,” said Zoe majesty with a sigh as he pulled out a shank from his sock.

His roommate stared confused at Zoe Majesty because he began to look suspicious with the knife in his hand. Zoe majesty stretched out his hand and pointed the blade towards the sunset as he closed his eyes.

“Cuh, you are insane…..Ahhhhhh, ” Immediately, Zoe Majesty lunged at his roommate and stabbed him repeatedly. His roommate fought as long as he could; He screamed for help until he died. Blood spilled all over the cell walls. Correctional officers dashed to the cell, stomping through the prison. The room suddenly turned black. Zoe Majesty stopped breathing; nervousness squeezed his lungs. He felt a hand, gently touching his, and there she was, clothed in a black robe. Her stare was enchanting, and a door to a new world. He followed her to his freedom.

Chapter 2

He loved the vibe of Miami, but he wasn’t in the city for fun.
Demetrius was there for the money. He was there to re-up, sell drugs, then come back to his daughter. This was the only way to make money since he blacklisted from almost every He sat inside the crowded airport and waited for his ride. A boy whined, “Hey, give me back my toy.”
The bigger kid took off. He sprinted towards where Demetrius sat. Demetrius casually but put his feet out and tripped the bully without care. The kid hit face first, dropped the toy, and cried to his father.

“He did it, daddy!” The kid said to his father sniffling and pointing at Demetrius

From the other side of the airline lobby, the father glanced in Demetrius’ direction. He noticed Demetrius’s nonchalant demeanor, long dreads, tattoo under his eye, and more tattoos covering his neck. Demetrius turned to the father and looked at him with an emotionless expression.

The father shook and looked down. “It was probably an accident. Let’s get some ice cream! “He said, dreading to look at Demetrius again. He nudged his son towards the nearest Dairy Queen.

“I see where your son gets it from,” Demetrius mumbled in disappointment as he looked down. He noticed a received text saying.

“I’m outside.”

A car with shiny rims pulled up in the Miami Airport pick up lane.

Demetrius smiled. “Wassup bruh,” He said while getting into the silver car. A young black man, with gold teeth, smiled back from the driver seat
“Sak Pase, what’s happening, big bro ?” The driver had a rich Haitian accent.

Demetrius dapped him up. “I can’t call it, just living bruh. What’s been up? “

“A lot of things….life is different now. ” The cheerful driver leaned towards Demetrius. “Aye, bruh, our days of hiding in the background and hiding from cops about to be over!”

Demetrius looked at him.

“I mean, we don’t have to live in the shadows anymore!”

He smiled and paused.

“Wassup Bruh?” Demetrius said.

“Zoe Majesty broke out of prison !!”

Demetrius’ eyes got big.

” Check this out. A day after Zoe Majesty broke out, he was riding in the car with us. Police flagged us down on Overtown Street,” said the driver.

“What happened,” Demetrius asked in a mellow tone.

“The officer asked for license and registration, and Zoe Majesty was like Nah, step away from our car! I turned to see if the officer had back up and saw his partner being held at gunpoint by a Sureno. Surenos been are our rival gang since forever; they had our back that night, though. More Sorenos came, Bloods came, crips came, MS13’s. We handcuffed the officers with their own handcuffs and threw them in the back of a truck! ” the driver said with enthusiasm.

Demetrius felt like his world completely shift.
“You serious?” Demetrius asked in disbelief

” No cap. We won’t have to live in the dark. It was hundreds of us, and I hear there are many more. We are having a get-together tonight to talk about the plan to take over the country. All felons, cartels, and gangs, and anyone who has been betrayed by this system are on our side. I’m telling you bruh; Its been in the making for years! It’s just been happening in secret. All the OG’s, drug lords, some politicians, have been trading information, weapons, and strategies to strike at the right time!” said the Haitian driver.

Demetrius was speechless.
Chapter 3

The rest of the ride to the cartel mansion was in silence. Demetrius heard voices battle inside himself. “What is the world coming to? Can I trust them? Who am I? What am I doing?
He couldn’t get past them, kidnapping police officers and planning to go to war with the whole country. All his life, he did terrible things; stealing, fighting, shooting, etc. But kidnapping cops, and plotting to take over the government is crazy.

They pulled in the large driveway. The house was huge!

“You haven’t said a word ever since I told you about the plan. You alright? ” the driver asked.

“Yeah, I’m good. Just a lot to take in,” Demetrius replied.

“Ight, we want you to be apart of this. I heard Zoe Majesty wants you to be captain and control the Emerald Coast area, Panama City to Pensacola. But I’ll let him tell you what’s up. Come to this way, bro,” said the driver.

Demetrius followed him into the house, still not being able to shake the dark feeling. He grew up in a church, and his parents were very religious. They taught him about spirits that are in certain places and circumstances. Most of Demetrius’ life, he ignored that stuff and did what he felt, but that day, he couldn’t overlook he was headed into a dark place.

Demetrius walked into the upstairs office. “Sak Pase!,” said an older voice with another strong Haitian accent. It was the Zoe Majesty sitting in a leather chair behind a large wooden desk. “Have a seat.” Zoe Majesty was a Haitian Drug lord with high power in Florida. He wasn’t intimidating and looked like a reasonable man with his thick mustache and shaved face. He had a demeanor of a father. He recently escaped from prison, and rumors were circulating that it was witchcraft magic that allowed him to vanish from his cell. Demetrius looked around and noticed a large framed artwork of black slaves being freed on the wall. And the room smelled like the cologne of a rich man.

“Demetrius, I remember before I got locked up 10 years ago, you were collecting your first package from me. You were young, but I could see in your eyes that you weren’t no fool. Now, look at you! The biggest disturber on the emerald coast. I admire how you move solo and still manage to handle big business.”
said Zoe Majesty looking at Demetrius studying him.

“Thank you! Just trying to make money so I can get out the game and have my family set for life,” replied Demetrius, still searching his soul for his next move

“Well, that’s why I wanted to talk to you. You don’t have to get out of the game anymore. “

Demetrius was ready to test the words of Zoe Majesty.

Zoe Majesty continued speaking, ” I met someone powerful before I got locked up. She told me about a prophecy where all the mistreated in the world will come together to take back the land. All the poor, old, and those held back by unjust laws.
She told me it will be me who unites the people labeled as criminals by society to take what is ours as payment for our misfortunes. She said if I believe God will give her the power to release me from prison. And here I am. A miracle. We have been deceived into seeing the good as evil and evil as good. I want you to join us. We will create a new government that is fair and looks after everyone. I know how it sounds, but we are not bad people in this world.

Demetrius’s looked down at the black floor. His mind was clouded. What was right? What was wrong?
“I need some time to think,” Demetrius said

” That’s fine. You can spend the night. I need your answer in the morning. We don’t have much time! Remember, you are family. Go get some sleep in the outside house for the guest,” said Zoe Majesty.

Chapter 4

Demetrius laid in his bed, still fighting with his thoughts. What is going on? Something doesn’t feel right. He thought about his daughter and how he was already living a life that separated himself from her. If he got jammed up kidnapping cops, he would lose her forever. He got out of his bed and left the guest house determined to get to the bottom of this government takeover. Demetrius jolted across the yard without being seen then threw a rope with a claw at the end to the top of Zoe Majesty’s house. Demetrius quickly pulled himself on top of the house as he did in training back when he was at Angel Academy. Demetrius used the same skill to break into many homes in the past. He chose to steal to survive after he was kicked out of the prestigious school and blacklisted from most jobs.

He unlatched the window and was able to make it inside the office. The room was dark, and Demetrius pulled out his flashlight. He shined it in front of him and saw the large framed artwork of black slaves being freed on the wall. Towards the back of the office by the window was the large brown wooden desk. The room still smelled like the cologne of a rich man. Demetrius surveyed the office room and went straight to the drawers, he rummaged through all the papers and folders but didn’t find anything significant. He saw a file cabinet in the corner. Demetrius tiptoed through the darkroom, picked the lock smoothly, then pulled open the bottom drawer. He thumbed through the tabs looking for subjects that might have the plans involving killing police officers. He came across tabs labeled: Officers on the Payroll, Rival Gangs, US Government, etc. Demetrius came across a tag that read “Land Of The Lawless.” What is this, he thought?
He held the flashlight in his mouth while he pulled out the folder and went through it.

The manilla folder was open out on the desk, and the cover page said, “Land Of The Lawless By Emily Peterson.”

Who is Emily Peterson? He thought. He turned to the next page;

It read: By the Knot of the Chosen,
About the Neck of the Damned,
By Life come to Death,
And from both go to Me!
Thou Spirit of Great Enchantment,
Thyself to thyself in the sacrifice offered,
The Runes are Thee Given,
Their charms by Thee sung.

Demetrius didn’t read much, especially not poetry, but those words made his stomach drop and his body filled with fear. He turned the next page, and he almost fainted from terror, because of the vivid horrific images. There was an artwork of police officers, military men, and what looked to be government officials being nailed to crosses and killed. The blood of their bodies seemed to flow unto the next page in a creative unseen art form. Demetrius turned the page; the blood flowed into a cup placed in front of an altar by a woman dressed in black. Above her was a figure who wore a black robe with a hood on their head. The character received the offering of the blood of the leaders and protectors of the world. Demetrius had never seen such profound images, they sucked him in, his mind, and his soul.

The house was still and quiet, but Demetrius was so intuned with the artwork that he forgot where he was as he continued to flip the page. On the next page, it showed the hooded figure levitating rocks and buildings after drinking the blood of the sacrificed leaders. Behind him were an army of people who looked like criminals, gang members, some ordinary citizens, police officers, government officials, and other individuals in black robes. They were headed towards a glowing city in the sky, and they had the intent to go to war with that city.
The city was surrounded by golden figures that looked to be angels, that were being led by a human man with greek writing tattooed on his wrist.

Demetrius knew what all this meant. It was about the end times.

Suddenly, Demetrius heard a noise in the room next to the office. It was a wooden door beautiful carved, a type of art that was in the Land of the Lawless folder. There was a voice behind the door, a deep but warm, trancelike voice of a woman.
Demetrius couldn’t help but walk towards the door. He was filled with curiosity. He had to know what type of woman possessed such a voice. As he got closer to the door he began to make out what she was saying, She was crying as she was speaking from her heart, it sounded beautiful. “Father, I can feel your presence coming down on the earth, give me the power to lead your people, and the strength to crush your enemies” She cried as Demetrius walked into the room.

She was kneeling before a fireplace as if she was speaking to the fire. Around the walls were bookcases filled with books. There was a small table and a couch in the middle of the darkroom. It felt like the saddest place on earth. She stood up because she sensed Demetrius’ presence in the room. ” My mind’s eye tells me your soul is at crossroads.” She said, cheering up her voice from a sad tone to a confident mood.
Demetrius was entirely outside of himself. He wasn’t aware of his body no longer. He was in a state of spiritual awareness, but he had no consciousness of it.

“Crossroads? Why do you assume that? ” Demetrius replied.

The Witch turned with much grace as if her feet did not touch the ground, there was no tension in her body. She faced Demetrius as he stood by the door with only the flames from the fire, giving light to his face. She slightly smiled because she thought Demetrius was handsome.

“You’ve seen the truth about yourself, about your purpose but ”
She walked through the couch as if it wasn’t there or as if she wasn’t there. Is this real, Demetrius thought to himself. She continued speaking, as she was almost at arms reach of him. “but you’re still holding onto lies. Yes, there is an army already marching towards the gates to kill all the deceivers of men.

Demetrius’ eyes were slowly welling up with tears fighting to not give into her. She was pulling on his desires. He wanted her to whisper into his ear and twist his mind until she became his goddess. He fought against it ” No! Demetrius murmured.

The witch inched so close to him that her breast was now touching his thumping chest. She pressed up into him until his back was against the wall. “I know about you. You had nowhere to go, no job, you became a thief because this world doesn’t love people like you. The true God takes care of those that have been pushed aside. And will kill those ones who are responsible and take back the land!”

Immediately, Demetrius left his consciences and spoke,” No, get away from me. God is not like that, you are a witch.”
Demetrius said. Her presence became repulsive to him.

The witch was greatly offended at his ignorance and hypocrisy. In her anger, she backed away and threw Demetrius against the wall with the power of her mind. She used her thoughts to squeeze his neck until his windpipe was shut off from the air.

Demetrius’s soul lifted his body and cried, “Help me!!, ” Something took control over Demetrius’s body and filled his mind with ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Demetrius’ windpipe was forced open, and he spoke, “Yah, da puka. Ah, baa day minima, rukh, rukh,” Demetrius squeezed the words out through her grasp as he spoke uncontrollably in a language he did not understand. She was losing control of him. Suddenly Demetrius broke lose of her magic “Addaa Adaaaa Bah suukaa ah sheshimeee!” He yelled as tears began to pour down his face

The witch backed off in a rush, her face filled with embarrassment and shame. She screamed, ” Kill Him!!!”

Click-clack noises of guns being cocked as a small army of footsteps raced up the stairs to the office where Demetrius and the witch were. Demetrius ran out of the room. The office door opened. At the entrance were six guards with AR-15 pointed at Demetrius direction.

“Kill him! The witch screamed

They immediately fired their guns, the cracking explosions sounded from the barrels of the rifles. Demetrius lifted his hand towards the desk. Demetrius was only slightly conscious of himself and the moment. His eyes were too blinded by the light shining within him. “Asha, asukaamuh,” Demetrius said to the desk before he jolted towards the window behind the counter.

The solid wood desk rose off the ground and blocked the bullets coming at Demetrius. Demetrius jumped out the window and landing lightly on his feet, then rolled over to reduce the impact on his bones.
The guards that were outside were now in the house because they hurried inside to protect the witch. The witch was their goddess, and they all made love with her, including the Zoe Majesty. Their souls were slaves to her and will come at a moment’s notice when she called.

Demetrius quickly hoped over the brick wall to get out of Zoe Majesty’s yard. He ran through the woods, getting slapped in the face by branches. He ran until he came into an opening with a small lake. Demetrius stopped. He felt he had run far enough. The sky was lit up by the stars and gave some light in the dark woods. He was gasping for air. He couldn’t believe what just happened; what he saw; what he did. He looked up into the sky. He knew it was God who saved him. He cried bitterly, staring into the air lost in the moment.

Chapter 5

Demetrius sat on a log for over an hour with his mind calculating. What am I going to do? Who am I? He thought. He felt a great responsibility after learning the plan about the Land of the Lawless. He believed killing officers and taking over the government was only the beginning. They wanted to destroy any ideas that placed a single thought above being human. They wanted all honor power from each man’s heart.

Demetrius thought of his family and his grandparents. They were all Christians and worshipped Jesus as their God and king. He feared the Land of the Lawless would target people like them to torture if they refuse to stop believing in their Jesus. That’s what the artwork portrayed; they were killing anyone that wouldn’t accept the new way of thinking.

The edges of the sun begin to peak from the horizon. Demetrius was in the woods the entire night, and he came up with a possible solution. I can talk to my cousin Kaeleb, he thought. Kaeleb would join me and help me protect our family from what’s coming. We could beat them with my connections to blood gangs and with his influence on people in the world with his fame. We are both also trained warriors, grew up fighting, and we both went to school at Angel Academy. We trained with the original black angels. Demetrius immediately sprung up and ran through the woods and caught a cab to the Airport.

Demetrius made calls to Kaeleb, but he didn’t pick up his cell phone. He then called his personal assistant, and Demetrius was told that Kaeleb went away for some alone time. Demetrius knew exactly were Kaleb was. He went to Iceland to visit their old teacher from Angel Academy, Demetrius thought. Brother Joshua is what they called him. Before Demetrius got into the streets, brother Joshua taught them the spiritual side of life. Brother Joshua left society to live in Iceland to open a dojo for spiritually-minded people seeking isolation. Demetrius knew Kaeleb, and how during times like these, he tries isolation to figure out his next move. Kaeleb must have heard about the police killings and could see the world is headed towards chaos.

Demetrius arrived at the bottom of the mountain. He was in Iceland, and the Dojo was at the top of the hill. The snow season was almost there, so Demetrius could feel the cold wind blow on his face. He looked determined and full of ideas. He knew this would be the best time to talk to Kaeleb and get him to join in on purpose to protect the world and their families from danger. All Demetrius had with him was a backpack on his back. As Demetrius approached the Dojo, he became more in tune with his surroundings. He heard the birds, the wind, his steps, the rocks. The colors of life became brighter, and his worries began to fade away but forced himself to stay focused on the mission to tell Kaeleb about the danger. Demetrius tightened his fist and stepped into the dojo, and there was his old

“Brother Joshua,” Demetrius said humbly, but deep down, he was holding back some tension. Last time Demetrius saw him was when he got kicked of Angel Academy. He believed brother Joshua should have stood up to the Dean of the school if he genuinely cared.

Joshua looked at Demetrius’ dirty black jeans and a black bubble coat. Joshua suspected Demetrius was still getting into trouble.
“How are you, Demetrius? Joshua said.

“I can’t call it. I need to speak to Kaeleb though” said Demetrius

“He is in the back training. I don’t need you bringing any trouble here. This is a holy place,” Joshua replied firmly.

Demetrius was silent for a moment studying Joshua’s posture. Joshua was a middle-aged Asian American that once served in the U.S. military. He found God and began to live his life in a way that seeks God in all he did. Joshua’s dojo was a peaceful quiet place. There were candles lit that lighted the building. The light showed the beautiful art painted on the walls that made it feel like heaven. Joshua was dressed in comfortable clothing, a white button-up shirt with a maroon robe covering his legs and half of his upper body. He was dressed similarly to a Buddhist monk.

“I’m not here to cause any trouble. I need to talk to Kaeleb,” Demetrius said, getting aggravated.

Brother Joshua moved to the side and pointed towards the open doorway. There Kaeleb was. Demetrius could almost see him, but his vision was blocked by the strings of beads hanging from the door. Demetrius walked through the beads, and Kaleb was there, by the edge of the mountain, shadow boxing, throwing punches, and kicks with a beautiful rhythm. Kaeleb seemed to be entirely at peace even though the world was heading towards disaster. Kaeleb also was wearing comfortable clothing like Joshua minus the maroon robe. He had on a white shirt with soft white pants and bare feet.

Demetrius smiled ” Wassup bro! I’ve been looking for you.”

In the middle of Kaelebs’ punches, he stopped and saw Demetrius and smiled big. “Wassup D, what you doing up here?” said Kaeleb as he slapped hands with Demetrius and hugged him.

The wind slowed down, and the birds quieted down as if to listen to their conversation.
“I need your help,” Demetrius said softly but with a severe face.

“Wassup,” Kaleb asked. He would do anything for Demetrius.

“ight I’m going to be straight up! There is a witch who has built an army, and she is killing police officers, and she will kill Christians, our family. We can use everything we learned from Angel Academy to fight. After I leave here, I will go to Los Angeles to unite the bloods. You can use your influence to gather people, and we will have an army!” Demetrius said with passion.

“I can’t get involved with that. Fighting isn’t the answer,” Kaeleb replied humbly.

“Bruh! She will kill our family, she is already killing police officers! We can do this together!” Demetrius said

“I can’t help. that’s not our path.” Kaeleb replied calmly, looking at Demetrius then turning away again.

“Your path is to not protect people? ” Demetrius said calmly, but tensing his brow, starting to feel angry.

“I’m not apart of it. The world is going to end one day, and that’s how it’s written by God,” Kaeleb replied in a positive tone.

Demetrius began to pace back and forth, looking at the ground. He began to breathe rapidly in anger and sprung his head up to look at Kaeleb.

“I can’t respect that. You know, wassup. Run me my ones,” Demetrius replied while throwing his backpack to the ground.

By this time, Brother Joshua was at the door watching everything. He heard them raising their tones with each other. Kaeleb looked in the direction of brother Joshua, and Joshua nodded his head.

“You can fight me all you want, but I’m not changing my mind,” Kaeleb said, looking at Demetrius while backing up, preparing to counter a strike from him.

Kaeleb had never beaten Demetrius in a fight before or in a spar session. Demetrius taught him a lot of what he knew about fighting.

Demetrius squared off with Kaeleb and immediately threw a jab and a right punch followed by another jab and right punch that collided with Kaeleb arms shielding his face.

Kaeleb retaliated with a swift right hook towards Demetrius’ body. Demetrius blocked his blow then ducked under a left hook flying over his head.

Demetrius shuffled towards Kalebs, left to get a better angle to strike him around his guard. Demetrius through a right uppercut aimed at the bottom of Kaeleb chin followed by a left blow, but Kaleb stepped back and dodged both punches.

I can’t hit him Demetrius thought to himself. He wanted to beat Kaeleb without seriously hurting him, but he had no choice. He was already aggravated with Kaeleb for his decision to not join him and protecting their family. His irritation grew because of Kaelebs’ elusiveness.

Demetrius exploded, throwing a left hook towards Kaleb’s head. It missed, but if it would have hit Kaeleb, it could have seriously hurt him. Demetrius followed with a spinning right kick that was blocked but sent Kaleb backward three feet.

They inched carefully back within striking distance to each other. Brother Joshua looked on attentively, amazed by the speed and strength they both possessed.

Their bodies relaxed to let the oxygen refill their lungs, the sun shined on them as they replayed each other’s previous moves to find a point of attack. Demetrius blacked out, and his spirit took control of his body again like with the witch. He was filled with power and directed it towards Kaeleb.

Demetrius fired a left hook, and it was blocked by Kaleb’s arm. Demetrius followed up with a mighty right hand that fractured Kaeleb wrist, and it was followed by two twisting kicks that knocked Kaeleb sideways. Demetrius became intuned with Kaeleb spirit and felt a strong presence grow in him. It felt like Kaeleb became a giant, although he did not physically grow. Demetrius noticed Kaleb rub his wrist that Demetrius just fractured. Still, after Kaelebs’ hand ran over the bone, it was healed. Demetrius was amazed. Kaeleb stepped to him confident with his face glowing with love and forgiveness. Demetrius tried to keep his fist clinched, but it was hard. Why am I fighting? I love him, he thought to himself. He dropped to his knees and began to cry bitterly.

The wind was blowing Demetrius dreads against his face. It was the Father of all creation wiping his tears. Even Joshua was onlooking with tears in his eyes. He was touched and called out.
“Come inside, you two. We have much to discuss!”

Kaeleb walked over to Demetrius, leading him a hand. “Good fight, brother. You are tough!”

Demetrius wiped his tears “Thank you,” he replied. His face still showed some anger because he wasn’t smiling. He knew Kaeleb would not join him. Demetrius and Kaeleb followed Joshua through the beads to talk.

Chapter 6 ” Ruach HaKodesh”

Brother Joshua, Kaeleb, and Demetrius sat in a moving silence on the wooden floor in a small circle. All that was heard was the wind quietly whooshing past the doorway. Brother Joshua was looking at them in awe. They achieved something he was trying to accomplish his whole life studying the spiritual side of martial arts. While they were fighting, they tapped into the spiritual realm. Their bodies glowed, their movements were intuned body, soul, and mind, they were blistering fast, and secure as an ox. Kaeleb healed his own broken wrist with a touch.

Demetrius was still upset. He could only stare at Kaeleb in disbelief, but Kaelebs spirit had much love. Kaeleb stared at the ground and wouldn’t make eye contact with Demetrius. He never saw Demetrius upset with him before, his tensed brow was not a sight Kaleb wanted to look at. Demetrius couldn’t help but forgive Kaleb and stay quiet.

The room filled with the spirit of wisdom and broke Brother Joshuas’ state of amazement. He sputtered and broke the silence” Today you two entered Rauch Hakodesh,”

Kaleb and Demetrius both turned to look at Brother Joshua with hungry eyes and ears.

“What is that, ” Kaeleb asked. Demetrius wanted to know also.

Joshua’s eyes lighted up instantly. The spirit gave him the power to contain his impulse to jump up and down praising Kaleb and Demetrius for what they accomplished.

“It translates to Holy Spirit; it is the power to perform miracles. You two transcended into your spiritual bodies when you were fighting outside. That’s why Kaleb was able to heal his wrist after it was broken. You two were moving at speed so fast I could barely see you moving, and your steps rocked the earth beneath me,” Brother Joshua said, trying to contain his amazement.

Demetrius turned to look at Kaeleb. He stared at Kaeleb for a moment as Kaleb looked at him in return. They knew they achieved something special, and we’re both proud to have experienced it together. Demetrius started to have flashbacks of what happened a day before when the witch tried to kill him. His body tensed up.

“A witch used a similar power and tried to kill me last night, I thought this was the holy spirit, how can a witch use this power? ” Demetrius asked, confused.

The spirit of wisdom entered Brother Joshua again, and it opened his mouth to speak.
“In the end, the skies will open up like a curtain being pulled back. God’s spirit will pour on all of the earth like a river. All beings with spiritual beliefs will receive power, good and evil. “

Demetrius eyes filled with fear. He remembered the images he saw in the folder about the land of the lawless. He looked down for a moment then lifted his head back up. “I broke into a Haitian Drug Cartel mansion to get behind police killings that have been going on in Florida. There were images of a witch worshiping a man with great power. The man was leading an army and killed anyone that worshipped the star in heaven. He even went to war with the angels!” Demetrius spoke, hoping this would change Kaelebs’ mind.

The spirit of wisdom-filled Joshua. “The end is close, but first, the world will crown a leader to deceive mankind into fighting against heaven and the father of Rauch HaKodesh, the holy spirit, the creator of all. That man to deceive mankind is Yalboloth, the god of the flesh. He is the enemy of the spiritual, he will kill all who oppose him!” The spirit of wisdom left brother Joshua. Joshua’s face wrinkled with terror. He looked at Kaeleb and Demetrius and saw their strength. They were not afraid, and their demeanors gave him some composure.

Demetrius turned to Kaeleb to see Kaeleb almost had no worry. It looks as if he was almost losing interest in the conversation.

“Kaeleb, Please, I need your help. I can form an army with bloods, and they will help us. They believe in love too. This is our purpose. Please.” Said Demetrius asking in his most humble tone.

Kaeleb didn’t want to tell Demetrius no. He could tell Demetrius believed in this plan with all his heart and soul.
Kaeleb took a deep breath holding back tears. ” This isn’t my path. The only being that can beat this man is God himself, I can’t help.”

Demetrius couldn’t be upset. He took a breathe and smiled. He embraced Kaeleb
“You always do was right. I love you, bruh,” Demetrius said. He let go of his need to be connected to Kaelebs’ spirit and began to walk on his own. Demetrius walked out of the dojo with his head held high. He stepped into the breeze with his mindset on war. Certain evils are necessary to create good. Sometimes a person has to sacrifice good character to save the people he thought to himself.

Chapter 7 ” Blood Gang”

The breeze swayed the leaves on the palm trees. It was 8 pm and dark outside, but it was still warm. Demetrius stood at the end of the street, known to be the origin place of west Piru Bloods. Most people were afraid to go there alone, especially at night, but Demetrius was one of them. He was jumped in during his time in prison, and he became a blood. Demetrius knew his knowledge and knew the 5 was built on Unity and protecting minorities. Demetrius knew his purpose was to make an army to fight the witch and the Land of the Lawless. He was more focused and determined that he had ever been.

Every house had about 5 people standing outside wearing red bananas. They watched Demetrius as he walked to the end of the street, coming to a cul de sac. He was still wearing his dirty black pants, black hoodie with grass and dirt stains, and had his gray Jansport backpack on.

As he walked down the street, Demetrius heard steps creeping behind him. He turned around to see about 10 men in red bananas follow him along the dark road dimly lit by flickering street lights. Demetrius’ body was relaxed because his faith high and whole heartily believed he was now walking in his purpose. He was meant to unite the Bloods under the five-point star decree and be their leader.
Demetrius made it to the end of the road. He felt an inspirational tingle flow through his body as he pulled a red bandana from his back pocket tied it around his neck. He could smell the fresh gunsmoke that probably came from a drive-by shooting before he arrived there, but he still wasn’t shaken ” Who is the OG!!” Demetrius yelled with authority.

Anger and dismay electrified the people of the neighborhood. Who is this guy they thought to themselves? A black man with tats on his face, a wife-beater, and red dickies walked out the house Demetrius was facing. The people of the neighborhood turned their attention to him. They were excited to see their leader put this outsider in his place, “Who you be? And who do you bleed for?” He yelled back at Demetrius with authority. The man stood on the porch, his legs spread wide, and his arms crossed in front of his pelvis.

The people of the neighborhood waited for Demetrius’ response. The only people who had this type of confidence in these types of circumstances were triple OGs, the highest in rank from the blood set.

Demetrius lifted his chin and replied, ” That bloody nigga D, 23rd Piru Street, Chicago and I blaze for the five-point star. Truth, Freedom, Justice, Peace, and Love.”

The people began to laugh because no one says they bleed for the five-point star. True Bloods state the name of his OG. They lost all respect for Demetrius. The black OG with tats on his face had worn a smirk on his face, but it soon turned to a look of concern. He felt the passion in Demetrius’ voice, and he never met a young man who spoke of the 5 point star with such confidence.

Demetrius took a step closer towards the porch, and immediately many of the gang members behind him drew their weapons in haste. Their faces went from laughter to looks of killer intent.
“One more step and well blow your head off,” one of the gang members yelled behind Demetrius.

The OG signaled the gang members to lower their weapons. He had confidence that Demetrius didn’t come to harm him. Demetrius could see by his eyes that the OG was willing to hear what he had to say.

“The world is coming to an end. There’s an evil that threatens to kill innocent people, police are killed, and this evil is seeking to kill anyone who believes in God. A witch has deceived powerful drug cartels into coming together and taking over the government and to form one religion that worships the only man. This is real and happening today!”

All the air was being sucked out of the neighborhood because of his words. Demetrius’ words fell on death ears, and everyone looked at him like a lunatic. The OG looked at him and shook his head in disappointment. He was hoping Demetrius came to unite the Bloods to follow the 5 point star not to fight some make-believe witch.

“Go home, D,” the OG said to Demetrius while pointing down the street.

Demetrius looked at the OG hurt in his spirit. Demetrius turned and looked down the street and noticed all the dim flickering lights in the poor neighborhood. He knew what he had to do to make them believe. I must use Rauch Hakaaush Demetrius thought to himself. Demetrius froze for a second and imagined what he would do. He lifted his hands towards the lights, and the people watched him confused. What is he doing? Demetrius felt the energy around the lights and the atoms that slowed down, not producing light. The fire from Demetrius spirit churned violently and sent out a burst of invisible energy to all the street lights. Sparks flew, and crackles were heard from miles away that sounding like small fireworks. The lights were fixed and brightened the street with more light than all of the neighborhoods.

The OG and the people looked at Demetrius with overwhelming terror. “Get away from us! The OG said while inching back to his home about to trip over his feet. The people of the neighborhood all slowly backed up towards there homes keeping their eyes on Demetrius.

“You don’t have to be afraid. I’m on your side. But if you don’t help me. There will be worse power that will come to harm the ones we love. Our grandmothers pray to God every day to watch over us. They can’t protect themselves, but we can protect them. We blaze for the 5 point star, and the angels bleed through us to protect the weak in our communities” Demetrius spoke with a sparkle in his eye that influences the people of the neighborhood. They began to stand upright. His words and power earned their trust. They all gripped there weapons like soldiers, and they were ready to fight.

Chapter 8 “The Black Angels”

Be brave. God is real. He will give me the strength to protect my family. My purpose is to save the world Demetrius thought to himself while sitting on the plane. He was on his way to Washington, D.C., to see The Black Angels and get their help. His hands were trembling, and his feet shaking. The witch wouldn’t leave his mind. He remembered the power of her mind squeezing the air from his throat. It happened two days ago, but it was as if it was still happening now.

“Breaking News! The president of the United States was kidnapped last night from the white house. A chilling letter was left on his desk reading: hand over the government or he will die! As the defense of our country, we ensure the American people that no terrorist organization will be in control of our government. Our military has started the investigation to find our president with the help of United Nations Director Lucas Sharpe and the Black Angels. The Black Angels are an organization formed 15 years ago, which includes the strongest and brightest elite soldiers from countries all over the world. The organization was formed to fight for world peace. We will get our president back!!

Demetrius tried to keep his cool as the passengers on the plane let out a gasp of fear. Wide eyes, ghostly faces. They were already defeated.

Demetrius arrived in Washington, D.C. His eyes looked toward the stone building that held authority. Many black cars were outside. Must be the Black Angels, he thought. Demetrius clinched his fist and faced his destiny. This was his path, all the years he was considered to be a failure would come to an end after he saved the world. He was the only one who knew how to get to the land of the lawless and get the witch.

Demetrius’ face was covered by a black ski mask with a voice changer implanted in the mask to hide his identity. There were many warrants out for his arrest and didn’t want the Black angels to arrest him before he got a chance to talk.

The stone building was FBI headquarters. Demetrius opened the door to see men in navy blue uniforms with guns attached to their hips and automatic rifles hanging from their backs.

The room immediately was in high alert when they saw Demetrius wearing a black ski mask. They drew their weapons! “Get on the ground,” one of the soldiers yelled.

Demetrius put his hands up, but he stood his ground and did not lay on the floor “I know how to get to the President back. I know that the drug cartels teamed together to overthrow the government. I can get you to their base,” the voice changer distorted Demetrius’ voice to sound more profound and more robotic.
Demetrius slowly reached in his back and alarmed the soldiers to point their guns more fiercely
“Get your hands out the bag!!” A soldier yelled.

Demetrius just pulled off his whole book bag and threw it on the marble floor. His backpack was filled with packages of cocaine, and it spilled all over the floor.

“I was recruited by the Land of The Lawless, but I declined. I have useful information. Trust me!” Demetrius said calmly, hiding his anxiety.

From the crowd of soldiers, four familiar faces emerged, Niyah, Branden, and Director Lucas Sharpe. Demetrius filled with anger when he made eye contact with Director Lucas Sharpe. Lucas was the man who expelled Demetrius from Angel Academy fifteen years ago, blacklisting him from jobs all over the country. Demetrius brow tensed behind his black ski mask. Demetrius almost wanted to kill him, but he knew he had to control himself. Lucas has grown in power since those days; He was already a son of a billionaire and had more influence than any man in the world. Lucas had a strong face and a boxer chin with a beautiful glow. He was about 6’2 and had the body of an NFL wide receiver. Demetrius had two paths at the moment as he stood frozen in anger. Demetrius could vent his rage and go and kill the man that ruined his life or help him, save his family and walk in his real purpose. This man is the reason why I can’t custody of my daughter Demetrius thought to himself. If it weren’t for him, I would be able to get a regular job and have an ordinary life.

Demetrius’ eyes shifted to Brendan. He was also a person whom he had a bad past. Demetrius noticed how much he had grown from fifteen years ago. Now, Brendan looked like a 6’4 Nba basketball player in a soldier’s uniform. Back when Demetrius knew him, Brendan was a cocky white boy who was humbled by the death of his father. His father was a police officer who died in an attempted drug bust of a Columbian drug cartel. Brendan hoped to one-day become the lead captain in the new Black Angels United Nations Armed Forces to put an end to drug cartels, and now here he was with the Angels.

Demetrius also noticed how beautiful Niyah had become. She was probably in her early 30’s now, but her style and beauty made her look around twenty-five years old. Demetrius and Niyah had a good relationship back then because she wasn’t the type to judge Demetrius because of his criminal history.

Lucas smiled because of Demetrius’ bravery. “I feel you are a courageous man, but why are you wearing a mask? Lucas said while raising his hand in the direction of Demetrius. “After I give you who is behind the Land of Lawless, I’m a free man. I’m hiding my identity,” Demetrius replied, masking the anger in his tone with the help of the voice changer.

Chapter 9

Pain is life, especially the pain that comes from sacrificing yourself for the betterment of others. Demetrius peace came from knowing he was putting himself at risk for his family and for those innocent people who would be killed if the witch was successful. He gained the trust of Lucas and the black angles and followed them to the roof. The Black Angel Helicopter waiting for them to escort them to confront real evil.

“You will sit by me, So don’t try anything stupid,” Brendan said to Demetrius. He watched Demetrius closely with his gun pointed at him while directing Demetrius where to sit.

Demetrius followed instructions and sat down as the ramp raised up, and they began to take flight. The sun started to set, and the wind picked up strong enough to sway the trees. Demetrius looked around, glanced at Branden, looked at Niyah, and at Lucas. Demetrius remembered the last time he saw all of them; he quit the Angels School after an argument where Demetrius insulted what the school stood for. He fought Brendan and beat Brendan easily, but then the teacher Lucas fought Demetrius to teach him a lesson.
Demetrius wondered if they experienced the power of Raush HaKodesh. Could they also connect to spiritual and do impossible things?

“So, where are you leading us to? Lucas asked Demetrius with a hopeful tone. Lucas was in the cockpit with the pilot. He turned around to face Demetrius, who still had on his black ski mask.

“We’re going to Columbia! That’s where we will get our answers
,” Demetrius replied in a confident tone. He liked that no one questioned him. Demetrius wanted to be in charge. He wasn’t afraid to be the leader even though he was in the air surrounded by fifteen of the most elite killers in the world. They were sitting shoulder to shoulder, ready for combat like fierce dogs trained and disciplined. None of them said a word as they glided in the air in the fastest Helicopter in the world.

Chapter 10 “

The helicopter flew over the beaches of Columbias’ northern shore. The dark night hid the volcanic grey sand and the muddy looking water.
The sound of waves swooshing on the shore is what the Columbian drug lord guards heard in silence. In the blink of the eye, the helicopter shot across the beach, turning a silent moment to gunfire as the guards got taken out by precise gunshots from the black angels. The Black Angel Helicopter landed on top of the Columbian drug lords house, and thirty angels shot out of the aircraft. They jumped over the edge while hooking their ropes to the side of the roof. They smashed into all the top windows and landed into the house. Lucas, Niyah, Branden, And Demetrius were the last to climb into the house with the drug lord already captured in a matter of seconds.
“He knows where the base is,” Demetrius said to Lucas.

Lucas looks at the drug lord in disgust. “Strap him to the chair! ” Lucas yelled. They strapped him in so tight it cut off the blood circulation in his wrist.

Demetrius nudged Niyah to step back because he knew it was about to get nasty, and Niyah seemed to be shaking a little. She never saw a man get tortured.

Brendan and the other Black Angels had hatred in their eyes. They were willing to do whatever it took to get the information they were looking for.

“This a pretty nice house you have here. About 7,000 square feet, 100 bedrooms? Nice! I admire a hard-working man. So if you tell me what I want to know, we won’t hurt you,” Lucas said, walking up and kneeling in front of the drug lord.

The drug lord spoke while breathing heavily, “It’s too late! Her power has grown. It happened just like she said it would.”

Lucas looked up at Branden and gave the signal. They all took turns, punching and kicking his body. It didn’t take long for the drug lord to scream and howl as his blood splattered everywhere. The drug lord could barely open his eyes or lift his head.

“Where is this woman? She is your leader?” Lucas asked

“I can’t tell you. She will kill me,” blood oozed out of the drug lords’ mouth as he struggled tremendously to speak.

Lucas gave the signal to Branden to continue. Branden took longer to strike this time. He knew this man was a few blows away from dying. He was becoming concerned.

Demetrius and Niyah stood in the background, patiently waiting for it to be over.

Brendan and the Black Angels began beating him again. One punch to his head, two kicks to his chest. Just before he got hit again, he screamed out, “Antarctica! She is in Antarctica on the peninsula, Deception Island” He broke.

Suddenly the lights began to flicker. “Ahhhh, She heard me!” He cried out. The drug lords’ body began to shake rapidly, with his skin turning blue. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he foamed out the mouth. He died.

Everyone stood in quiet terror, except Lucas. He showed no expression.

Chapter 11 “The Power Of Evil”

Demetrius knew his heart had to be single-minded and completely focused if he was going to have a chance to defeat the witch. He couldn’t have room for mercy, he cut off everything in him that dealt with love, compassion, and kindness. A tear fell from his eyes as he prepared himself to face his enemy.

Demetrius and the black angels were flying in seven different aircraft with 15 men in each craft. They were headed to Antarctica, Deception Island. The air quickly began to dry out and become cold. Tall mountains started to appear behind the horizon, about 4,000 meters high. There was ice everywhere, there were penguins, seals, and the skies were windy. Demetrius looked as far as he could, and all he could see was endless snow.
“Look, its a building!!” One of the black angels yelled out! Immediately a rocket shot from in front of the building and struck down one of the aircraft. “Fire!! ” about a hundred criminals on the beach began yelling as the plane fell blazed into the ocean.

The other aircraft flew low, and the black angels jumped out of their helicopters ready for war. Turmoil rang out on the beach as bullets flew in all directions.

The criminals were dropping like flies not being able to match the shooting skills of the Black Angels.
Demetrius, Brendan, and five other black angels ran through dodging the bullets and went straight for the building. Lucas and Niyah stayed behind where it was safer on the plane.

Demetrius and the Black Angels ran inside into an open area with prison cells all round going up 3 stories. Blocks were coming down from the ceiling for stability. In the cells were men, and They all looked broken in their spirits.

“Captain, this is Sheriff Jones from Sacramento, California.” One of the black angels said, looking at one of the sad-looking men in the cell.

“Okay, find a way to let them out,” Brendan replied.

The gunshots still going on outside kept Demetrius focused on the real task at hand. The Witch. He was tense and could feel the evil.

“She is here. ” Demetrius said, staying poised.

One of the black Angels found the control room to release the officers and military men. He raised his rifle to smash the glass window, then suddenly the lights flickered, and the gun flew out of his hand. In front of them appeared a white woman in a white gown.

“Freeze!!” All the black angels yelled while pointing their rifles at the woman.

She stood there, staring at them then raised her hands towards them. The building shook as her mind snatched the guns away from them. “Uuuhhh, Ahhhh,” the men cried in terror. Their guns levitated in the air, turned toward the black angels one by one firing on them and killing them. Brendan seeing what was happening, was ready when his rifle began firing on him. Clack clack clack clack clack. The rounds fired rapidly while Brendan ran faster than any man could along the walls and behind the blocks dodging the bullets.

Demetrius saw a rifle pointing at him. Before it could fire, his soul hastily left and took him to a spiritual realm. It was blurry, but he saw two indistinct figures walking ahead of him. They were walking on water. He heard a voice coming from their direction “anything possible if you faith” the words Kaeleb told him a long time ago about miracles.

Immediately Demetrius’s soul came back into his body, and the trigger pulled with the witch’s mind.
“No,” Demetrius said calmly to the rifle. The gun jammed, as it continued trying to pull the trigger.
All the guns quickly turn to Demetrius and begin to pull their triggers by the power of the witch.
“No,” Demetrius said again, making all the guns jam.

Demetrius looked at the witch but couldn’t look her in the eyes.

“Why does my lover seek to kill me? You use the power of our father, but you think I am your enemy.? ” The witch said

“You want to kill innocent people. I will protect my family” Demetrius replied

“Your confusion will be your death,” the witch responded.

Chapter 12 ” Anything is Possible”

Terror covered the prisoners’ faces as they watched the witch. Branden was against the wall, shocked that Demetrius used powers like the witch.
A flaming sword appeared in the witches’ hand, and she charged at Demetrius. Demetrius flung out his gun and shot five rounds in her direction; shots missed. She vanished and reappeared within striking distance. The witch swung the sword at Demetrius’ neck with intent to cut off his head. Demetrius ducked and rolled out the way. He pulled out a long dagger from his back strap.

Demetrius glared at the witch filled with pure hate. The witch saw his confusion looked at him with pity.
“My brother, you still don’t see? The earth is ours. It is our domain for the lawless, the truly righteous. Our power comes from God himself!” The witch said.

“Your power is evil!” Demetrius said to her, ready to attack.

“It is you who is blind. You drink from the same spirit as I. We unleash our wrath as the true God does on his enemies. We share the same God.” The witches’ pity turned into disgust because of Demetrius’ ignorance.

Demetrius charged at the witch with his sword. He swung, she vanished. Demetrius felt her spirit behind him. He turned and moved just in time to avoid being cut in half. The witch swung her sword
and grazed his torso cutting open his garments and cutting into his skin deep enough to make him bleed.

Demetrius stumbled back and put his hand on his chest. The blood-stained his fingertips.

He lunged and swung his sword only for the witch to vanish and make him miss again. She appeared behind him and stabbed him through his heart. She pulled the flaming sword out of his back and watched him drop to the ground.

Everything was dark; Demetrius couldn’t feel the weight of his body. He heard a voice in the depth of his soul. “Who steps into my temple? Why don’t you accept your fate lost the soul?”

“It is me, Demetrius. I can not die. I must kill the witch, who threatens me,” He said unconsciously.

“To kill, the fire of your hate must be larger than your enemies fire,” The voice said.

“I wish to kill her soul and have it burn in eternity. I wish she could never come out and never have forgiveness!” Demetrius said beginning to clinch his fist and attempt to stand up

Demetrius felt a sense of peace and surety come over him. He had perfect hate for the witch and wanted her dead. Demetrius looked over at Brendan, who still was in shock, lying against a wall. Demetrius then looked at one of the guns on the ground.

Brendan knew what Demetrius wanted him to do. “I got you,” Brendan said under his breath, gaining some confidence.

Brendan picked up the gun and begin firing at the witch while her attention was on Demetrius. The witch disappeared, dodging the bullets then reappeared in front of Branden. She pulled back her sword in an attempt to kill Brendan. Suddenly the witch blurted out a big gasp. Bloodshot from her heart onto Brendan’s face. Demetrius’ dagger went straight through her.

From the doorway, Lucas saw the whole thing. He saw the power Demetrius used to teleport and kill the witch. “Rauch Hakodesh,” he said under his breath.

The witch looked up with a sorrowful face. She saw Lucas standing in the doorway ” I paenitet patris,” she said with tears coming from her eyes. Demetrius took her sword and cut off her head.

Chapter 13 ” Escape”

The sky was cloudy, while the air was cold and dry.
Demetrius walked out of the building towards the edge of the mountain to get some fresh air. He couldn’t believe what he just did. “Thank you, father, “Demetrius said, looking to the sky. He was hoping God would speak to him in his triumph over evil, but there was only the sound of wind and the black angels on the beach cheering after they got news of the victory.

Demetrius couldn’t see the men because he was behind the building by the cliff of the mountain. He hoped he could slip away because he was a criminal, and the Black Angels were law enforcement.

Demetrius black clothes were stained with blood and sand, and he still managed to keep his mask on.

“Demetrius!!!” A loud voice came yelling from the doorway of the building where the witch was killed. It was Branden. “I know who you are behind that mask. You are under arrest!” Brendan yelled while walking towards Demetrius as he shielded his face from the dry cold wind.

“After I saved the world, you still would have me in a prison cell?!!” Demetrius yelled back in disgust.
Deep down, Demetrius knew that wasn’t enough after all the crimes he committed. Not to this society. He was a big part of one of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world, and he knew that society would have no mercy for his crimes. They wouldn’t even give him credit for leading them to the Land Of The Lawless and killing the witch.

Suddenly a helicopter appeared from behind the cliff, making it hard for Demetrius to stand. “Come on, D!” It was the Blood OG from Los Angeles wearing a red bandana around his neck, and he was with a gang of other blood members on the plane. They came to give him a way to escape. Demetrius looked back at Brendan and hastily began to sprint towards the helicopter. “Don’t try it, Demetrius! Brendan yelled while pulling out his gun, ready to fire.

“Let him go, Branden,” Lucas said from behind Branden.

“We’ll get him another day. He did a lot for us today. He can have a little freedom. “

Demetrius flew away on the helicopter with a new purpose and life in his mind. He knew his place. He was meant to protect and watch over those who can’t fight for themselves. Demetrius and the helicopter became smaller and smaller as they disappeared beyond the horizon headed back home.

Chapter 14 “New World Order”

He was home, and Demetrius could finally walk around without his mask on and hear his real voice. The kids of the apartment complex were screaming as usual. He heard doors being banged on, followed by kids laughing and running. The mischievous kids made Demetrius think of his young daughter Nicole as he looked at her picture thumbtacked to the wall above his bed. He longed to go see her but couldn’t make himself do it. Demetrius felt less connected, less human, less capable of affection.

A buzzing sound came from Demetrius’ pocket. It was a small black flip phone, but he didn’t know
how it got there. He cautiously opened the phone and saw it was Niyah, the FBI director, calling him. He quickly answered.

“Demetrius! Lucas is behind everything!” She said worriedly

“Lucas? How?” Demetrius said, scrunching his eyebrows.

“I watched the footage from a video I implanted in Brendan’s badge. I saw that witch say; I painted patris when she died. She was looking directly at Lucas! Those words mean I’m sorry father in Latin,” She said, beginning to cry.

“Okay, calm down. What does that mean? ” Demetrius asked.
She sniffled, trying to pull herself together. “I…I….l pulled up Lucas’s money trail using the FBI database. I needed to see if he was connected to the witch and drug cartels in any way. His money tracked back to banks in China, which was transferred from bitcoin. I cross-referenced some integrations from Drug Lords over the world, and several of them mentioned their dirty money being cleaned through bitcoin and Chinese brokers. As soon as we arrived back in America from killing the witch, Lucas’ Chinese accounts were closed. Then, a day later, his brokers were found dead in their homes. ” She said, losing her breath.

“Okay”Demetrius said listening intensely

“Can’t you see? He is covering his tracks. He closed the accounts to stop the money flow of the whole trillion-dollar black-market industry. He was the head of the drug cartels! After the death of the witch, he cut off their supply and made the Land of the Lawless easy to defeat without being able to fund weapons. The world believes he single handily created peace with all countries through the United Nations and defeated the common terrorist enemy, The Land of the Lawless. They are going to announce him as the President of the world today! What type of world will we live in with that type of manipulating man as President! “She yelled

It all began to come together for Demetrius. Lucas was the hooded man in the prophecy that had high power and was served by the witch. He immediately was broken in his spirit. What had he helped them do? Kaeleb was right. It was not their fight. Lucas was making the world become The Land for the Lawless. He is the one who plans to kill innocent people. Demetrius couldn’t speak.
“Hello, you there,” Niyah asked.

“I’m here. Thanks for telling me. Just stay safe. Don’t tell anyone else! I’ll catch up with you later. ” Demetrius said. He hung up the phone.

Mysteriously all the working television in the world turned on and went to Fox news. Demetrius’s watched as his TV turned on. He was in awe to see Lucas standing behind a podium.

“For so long, our world has been divided because of ignorance, greed, intolerance, and religion. I have earned the respect of the world because it was in my spirit to create a United Nations that doesn’t see skin color, religion, or status. We created the most powerful military, the Black Angels because we are a real family. We defeated the worldwide terrorist organization that had the world in chaos because of our beliefs. I thank you all for appointing me and trusting me as your leader. I will lead the world into a new age where there is no Color. There will be no God but us. Us men and women are the only gods. There will be peace! The only law will be to love another, and most importantly, we will no longer put any man or deity above anyone. No Jesus Christ, no Muhammad, no
Buddha. This is our world. The new heavenly united world nation.

Demetrius knew what he needed to do. “I need to find Kaeleb.”


Fresh Start: The Beginning of a Charity

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When people think of Fresh Start for Children and Families, most don’t imagine them having a beginning. It feels as if they were always there helping the community. But like most charities, Fresh Start came from one person having a desire to make a difference. In 1985, Former Florida Governor Bob Graham created a mission to work on homeless issues in Florida. His actions are the foundation of Fresh Start history.

“Love another”

The church’s golden rule is to love another. In 1986, before the name was “Fresh Start for Children and Families”, Shalimar United Methodist formed “Okaloosa Coalition for the Homeless.” They received a $10,000 donation from Hands Across America to help people with rent and utilities. The following year, in 1987, the coalition received a 60k gift to purchase three apartment homes where homeless individuals could stay for three months. One volunteer ran the operation during the day and one homeless person to watch overnight. The service was all made possible by Bob Graham’s homeless assistance grant called Continuum of Care program.

“Partnerships and Major Donations”

The organization showed great potential to be a difference-maker in the community.

In 1998 the coalition was doing well enough to be accepted as a partner with United Way, which helped pay for staff and operating cost.

In 2006, the coalition received $200,000 to build two new apartment buildings and changed its name to “Fresh Start for Children and Families.” The new apartment buildings completed in 2013 with the capacity to house 21 families. Most recently, Fresh Start received a $40,000 donation from Okaloosa Child Care Services, which funded a new children’s playground for the residents.

“Repeat Street”

One of the essential parts of the Fresh Start operation is its’ thrift store “Repeat Street.” Repeat Street began in 2014. The store operates in an 8100-square foot facility located on Walter Martin Road in Fort Walton Beach, Fl. Repeat Street is a significant source of income for Fresh Start, generating over $200,000 in 2018 and allowing us to assist nearly 113 individuals last year.

Fresh Start hopes to continue what Bob Graham started by sharing love in the community.