Dysfunctional Family

Inspired By Loved Ones

She was yelling at him
I felt the anger in myself
She mistreats her biggest blessing

In my spirit I began to wrestle
New car sitting outside,
I got it by myself
She said she was scared
Doubted I could get it without help.
My soul can never rest.
My life’s a constant test.
Sunday Destination is not a nest,
to call it a chruch is a stretch.
My patience feeling stretched
they have conversations about God,
Not knowing love is all we got,
He prepares food daily like a job,
More yelling about some salt
All they do is complain
In my heart I feel ashamed
Because I always walk away
I think on what to say
I pray God will make a way
Makes me want to get place
Have kids, and stay away
Dont want their soul to taint
Wouldn’t want them in this hate

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