Month: December 2018


Dysfunctional Family

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Inspired By Loved Ones

She was yelling at him
I felt the anger in myself
She mistreats her biggest blessing

In my spirit I began to wrestle
New car sitting outside,
I got it by myself
She said she was scared
Doubted I could get it without help.
My soul can never rest.
My life’s a constant test.
Sunday Destination is not a nest,
to call it a chruch is a stretch.
My patience feeling stretched
they have conversations about God,
Not knowing love is all we got,
He prepares food daily like a job,
More yelling about some salt
All they do is complain
In my heart I feel ashamed
Because I always walk away
I think on what to say
I pray God will make a way
Makes me want to get place
Have kids, and stay away
Dont want their soul to taint
Wouldn’t want them in this hate


Christmas For A Queen 👑

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Inspired By Sonya

I’m attracted to your heart
and your strength to be alone
hate how people do you wrong because in a castle you belong.

Your a queen with a voice
and passion that makes me listen. When it comes to speaking,
you are eloquent and gifted.

Your laughter is contagious
I think you should be famous.
Your beautiful from all angles,
your face is like an angel.

I won’t pray that you feel better
But really make a difference
I want to hug you on your throne
And massage away your thorns
I’d do anything to fill you up with hope.

To the most alluring, and beautiful black woman that I know
This Christmas, I want to send all my love.



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Inspired by Kourtney

Faultless eyes
Pure in disguise
Wise like mother
Talk like shy
Words are profound and intelligent Your story is medicine
Your life is relevant
Your aura is heaven sent
Your heart is full of good reason
Told you what I think,
and you believed in me
Laughter at midnight,
because your jokes are hilarious
On Tinder, you probably cause hysteria, making all the guys wanna marry you
Bright future ahead of you
Angels are next to you,
You are always on schedule,
You read moments on spiritual levels,
adding more glow to your beauty

You’re a gorgeous cutie
With a life more enchanting then a movie


The Greatest Gift By: Caleb Hammonds

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He thought about the proud face his father would make
Tears streaming down his face shivering in the bed

The boy believed his future would be brighter than his present state

He stopped believing in fate, because of the words in his head
“I’ll kill you if you ever disrespect me again”With his fist pointing at his chin. The boy understood his father was stressed
The pressures of christmas put his poor family to test
In his room the words played over and over
The spirit of ambition outweighed the boys anger
His little brother embraced him, saying its okay our father has pride
The boy looked him in his eyes and said God will change our lives.