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Silentwork: The Future Of Florida Basketball

When you watch the video below, we can agree that those middle school basketball players, have talent and work ethic. Silentwork begins with the trainer you hear in the background of the video. He is the visionary behind the lifestyle and he is John Barnes.

I’ve had a chance to train alongside John in the summer back in 2012, and it was for the whole summer. I seen that he is a hard worker and very talented. We spent many mornings at the old rec center on Jet Dr. dribbling through cones, running sprints, and playing full court one-on-one only using our left hands to shoot.

Six years later, in 2018, John has his own vision for basketball training. His sessions feel like training with family, training with a brother that loves you and wants you to do better in life. John is competitive and it comes out in the competition part of his training sessions. We do three point shootouts, dribbling around cones and making shots games, one-on-one two dribbles, and one-on-one three dribbles. His workouts give you a way to better your skills and gives opportunity to compete against other players that have a love for basketball too.

Along with many other athletic programs that are rising in Fort Walton Beach, Silentwork will be the foundation of many future athletes coming out of Okaloosa County.

Purchase Silentwork T-shirts by messeging John here: Facebook or Instagram



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