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Reflection Of My Heart

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I stand at the edge of myself

United with the world around me

Things aren’t the way I envisioned

Because I have not found peace


I see a reflection of my heart

In all of my surroundings

The good parts and the bad parts

Cover the soul of the county


The voice of my conscience

Revealed all things are my doing

The separation and despair

Flowed from thoughts of my choosing


I care for my country and generation

Because it is my body

Lord, help me to better myself

And the world around me will copy


Walker’s Boxing Academy Provides Professional Workouts in Fort Walton

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I thought I was doing something unique when I decided to use boxing to help me prepare for the upcoming basketball season in the Destin Adult League. Through some research, I found there are many basketball players using boxing to help them prepare for basketball. Most of them are in the NBA, and that says a lot.

“Basketball and strength conditioning is not just weights and a court—boxing is a great off-season workout for NBA players,” Felipe Eichenberger, the head strength and conditioning coach for the Denver Nuggets, tells Men’s Fitness. “It has the cardio aspect, and you’re moving in all directions and using a lot of footwork in training. All the handwork, footwork, and directional movement can transfer to basketball.”

Boxing training can help boost players’ mental agility, hand-eye coordination, and (of course) help sculpt musculature, too. “Boxing is the only sport where you have to stay on your feet the whole time to be successful,” Eric Kelly, a former amateur national champion and trainer “It requires [working] every muscle in the body.”

One of my favorite basketball players, John Wall, uses intense boxing training to help him prepare for a long hard NBA season. Damian Lillard and Carmelo Anthony also use boxing for mental agility, hand-eye coordination, and (of course) help sculpt musculature, too. NBA players inspired me to continue using boxing as my go-to for conditioning.

In Fort Walton Beach, Fl, the most famous boxing gym is Walkers Boxing Academy. My friend Nick Evans invited me to watch him workout then by the next week I was in there sweating punching the bag myself. I noticed after a couple months of doing boxing, my core was stronger, and I could make more explosive movements on the basketball court. I liked the boxing workouts so much, I decided to get a monthly membership and train up until my first Basketball game.

After six months of conditioning, we had our first game in the Destin League. I was impressed with how in shape I was. I could pick up full court playing defense and then turn around and have the energy to push it on offense. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on how much I run on the court non-stop. I have to say that boxing is an excellent way to get in shape for basketball. Visit Walkers Boxing Gym and get your first workout for free.

18920220_10207391095690485_6653631219381077009_nMe after my first boxing workout.



Coach Walker, Former Golden Gloves Champion


After my exhibition match at Chester Pruitt Park


A Portion Of My Story By: Caleb Hammonds

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My Jesus and my faith

is all I put my heart into

I have nothing else

When my parents showed they were human

God became my only friend

I  have no one else

I wanted to drive off a bridge one night

But I survived because of him

I used to be lost

Without money to lend

But God sent me some friends

They were willing to give

The stars cherished my tears

attended my prayers

I just wanted to be righteous

Wanted to see God

And grow in his likeness


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If The City Spoke For Me By: Caleb Hammonds

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While evil is blurry in the mind

A reservoir of hope appears from the heart

The heart was a fighter who lit up the path

A soldier who accepted his love wholeheartedly

Before evil could conquer the soul,


It asked did you show love today?

I said, yes with fear squeezing my chest

Then the city spoke for me,

For it is apart of me


My Greatest Day By: Caleb Hammonds

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  To see my heart on the outside

Break through the evil of my flesh

People helping one another living in harmony

Becoming the spirit whose purpose is guarding me forever

The greatest day for me is when love swallows my sins

And I forget my wrongdoings

I’ll become one with my enemies

Yeah, they’ll befriend me for the better