Month: September 2017


Seeking Gods Kingdom Keeps Me Alive

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I hate my myself and most don’t know

I break myself and go where most won’t go

I cast my vote with the talentless

Those addicted to cannabis

Waiting for me to speak fire until their candles lit

Excellent glory behind the veils of my story

Once saved from a collapsing building

A hunch gave me thoughts appealing to crush my demons

My lust must not touch my thinking

The heavens rush to give me meaning before my soul stops breathing

Retrieving more life on high

Big wolf cries when angel sighs break my pride

Blade in my side until Gods will dispels hate from my eyes

I pray for dyes of pure intention distant from manly vision

With my heart I listen to the letters on the walls of my heavenly mansion

My land expansion was the cause of my extended giving

My body is tired but my soul isnt

I grow with no limit because of the goal thats in me