Wood From The Royal Forest


At the park, surrounded by trees and good spirit, I called your name.

When you turned and connected your eyes with mine,

I paused and thought I never seen such beauty.

I left my body for a moment.

My soul inquired about your smile.

It was genuine. Did you know me in a life before?

The trees around me confirmed, its her!

She is the wood from the Royal Forest,

that gives life to your body.

She was chopped down and sold.

Many trials broke her spirit turning her into tears and woes.

They were amazed at how seeing you, you were still whole.

They’re amazed?  They must not know what I know

Yes, you were broken and sold

But faith is the root of your growth

They don’t know that God is the author of your soul.

When I look at you, I see a godly seed.

When life breaks you, your courage to push on fills the spirit in me.

Looking at you in awe of your beauty,

It isn’t hard to see that God placed you front of me,

A woman that’s more than a friend.

She is a tree, a woman that  gives life to a man that is only a leaf.

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