Month: June 2016


Wood From The Royal Forest

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At the park, surrounded by trees and good spirit, I called your name.

When you turned and connected your eyes with mine,

I paused and thought I never seen such beauty.

I left my body for a moment.

My soul inquired about your smile.

It was genuine. Did you know me in a life before?

The trees around me confirmed, its her!

She is the wood from the Royal Forest,

that gives life to your body.

She was chopped down and sold.

Many trials broke her spirit turning her into tears and woes.

They were amazed at how seeing you, you were still whole.

They’re amazed?  They must not know what I know

Yes, you were broken and sold

But faith is the root of your growth

They don’t know that God is the author of your soul.

When I look at you, I see a godly seed.

When life breaks you, your courage to push on fills the spirit in me.

Looking at you in awe of your beauty,

It isn’t hard to see that God placed you front of me,

A woman that’s more than a friend.

She is a tree, a woman that  gives life to a man that is only a leaf.


Loliya Briggs Can Ball, But She Can Rap Too!

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Today has been a good day. First, my brother Seth Simmons drops his video Before. Then, my dawg Chris tells me about his two artist he managing, Looney and Hughes Blues. Now, I found a video on facebook from my old friend from Potters House Christian Academy in Jacksonville, Fl. I watched her video and couldn’t do nothing but smile. She raps about doing music for fun, being non-violent, getting college degrees, and being strapped with the word of God. She is blessed. Love you Loliya! Follow her on twitter:@Lothephenom


Seth Simmons Is Taking Music Seriously

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After Seth told me he quit his job to go on tour with his music, I knew he was serious about his craft. I know him personally and I see his work ethic is out of this world. He is sll about the music and thanking God for directed his steps. He dropped a new music video today. This is just a little warm up for the fans. Trust me. I heard some exclusives and I think they are even better and creative. But it he saving those tracks for something else. Maybe an album or something. Here is the video:

Also check out his website designed by yours truly :



Agapelife Childhood Friend, Christian Holman, Managing Two New Artist

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12631315_10205965981528490_7865429954092234502_nSince Boys & Girls Club days, Christian and I been friends. He always been there for me and my family. We grew up more like brothers. Most of this year he has been in California, So seeing him was exciting. I ran into today driving on Racetrack Rd. in Fort Walton Beach, Fl and he told me he is helping two rap artists with their careers. He played their music for me in the car and I thought they were good. What do you think?