Thoughts Of A Christian Businessman

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ so that makes me a slave to righteousness. At first, I had a hard time combing my beliefs with living in the world but it soon got easier. With a lot of bible study and wisdom seeking, I see now I must use all my knowledge and talents to serve others and advance God’s’ kingdom.

My dad is a businessman and he passed a lot of entrepreneur knowledge to me. He helped me get the idea that my purpose is to create a business that serves the community.

The more I thought about it, the more ideas I started getting. I started creating logos to begin with. I didn’t know exactly what i would sell so I just started with poetry. Then, I started making music. Which lead to me to marketing on the web and helping other artist get ahead.

Today, I’m building websites and an online presence for individuals with positive movements that glorifies God. I plan on starting a clothing line soon. It will be the first of many projects to come under the Agapelife company.

I believe with guest service that comes from a genuine heart, I can create a business that has the vibe of peace and love. It also is my purpose to give my surplus back to the ones that fall behind. The ones that truly need help in society.

As a christian, how could I not walk this path? I believe every christian should combine their spiritually with their work.

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