Love For My Naked Soul

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I am the one whom you have hidden from,and you appear to me.

Perfect Mind (Nag Hammadi Codex VI, 2)

I fell from the heavens without a name,

Because I had to earn it with fire

Through the times they would put me in shame

For uncommon high reaching desires

Made me feel I was insane but God knows

I was walking by faith. I’m insecure

So, for sure the angels sang their high notes

I needed prayer from them. I’m broken

This was all unspoken like it came from Oblivion!

I had nothing to show for it but a naked body

Say Something! God please say something!

Only old scriptures were handed to me

And there it was, ” I will crown you with affliction

I’ll break your mortal part, until God is all you can mention

No nightmare will leave you, until you can honestly see truth

That love covers everything, and nobody can see you……………..

……………………….But Me!

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