Why I Don’t Like Scary Movies

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scary movies

Leaving the theatre after watching a scary movie, I always have a bad feeling. Not just because I know I’m going to be extremely paranoid for about two weeks, but also because the bad guy always wins.

It’s not like the bad guy winning in the movie “Blue Streak” which stars Martin Lawrence, where he is a thief and he gets away with the diamond, but it’s evil beings or demons, ghost, witches, etc. tormenting and killing humans and winning.

After the human is dead the movie is over. The demon or witch gets the last laugh then the credits are rolling. Now, I’m walking home like, dang. I feel hurt and paranoid.

It gives me this message that God can’t protect us. If demons feel like killing, then you’re dead. But I do believe a scary movie can be made that can still give hope. I’ll be on the lookout for those type of movies. Maybe!

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