Short Stories

The Kingdom Of Angels (Interlude) By: Caleb Hammonds



I saw myself standing in front of me shining and in beautiful clothing. I was in fear at first but then I had great joy to see myself in such good condition. We hugged then kissed each other on the cheek. After expressing our love, we became one body. My surroundings suddenly changed in I was in the mist of a great praise. Angels resembling the glowing spirit of myself were everywhere.

“Come Caleb I have something to show you!” One of the angels said while gently placing his hand on my shoulder.

I followed him through the crowd of angels as they parted to make way for us. They all looked at me with faces of much admiration. They loved me. When we got to the middle there were billions of thrones surrounding one huge throne.

“All these thrones belong to the overcomers of the world. They belong to people like you, who speak the truth even in the face of death and protect the weak. At the end of all ages and generations. You all will be brought here to be praised for your great works along with the King of all Kings, and the God of all. His throne is the one in the middle”

After he told me these things I felt greatly honored but i had a feeling there was more.

“What do I do until the end of the ages?” I asked

He smiled and said ” Just like other overcomers before you, you now watch over the next generation and guide them to the truth. But I will have you know. As the time of the end approaches, evil grows stronger. No need to worry because it is your purpose to prevail even through the darkest moments so never lose hope. That is the message you must past on. Now, come meet the next overcomer who is greater than you”

To be continued……..

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