Month: March 2015


Some People Love For A Deeper Reason

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Picture a life where everyone is for themselves. Where people only show kindness to get something in return from you and once you lose what they need they leave you. That’s not hard to picture for a lot of people as we can can tell by social network.

Now imagine a new person coming into the picture. A person who lives life backwards. He sees it as a reward to serve others. He finds joy in giving to people who can’t benefit him.

If you’ve met this type of person you may ask; Where did he come from and why is he like this, or is he two faced like everyone else. Well, there is a strong possibility that this person believes in the words of Jesus Christ. That he has faith that there is a world beyond what can be seen.

And maybe he is convinced that giving up his life in this present time is the way to a heavenly life with Jesus. Not everyone is out to hurt you. There is always hope. God lives in all of us. We just need a push. Hope this post can be a push for someone.