God Is My Purpose By: Caleb Hammonds


Purpose wooden sign with a forest backgroundSince the world began humans thrived by faith. Everything is accomplished by having faith, but the highest level of faith is believing in an merciful, all-loving, all-powerful God or Father.

We are here to glorify his love by following the example given by Jesus Christ. Imagine changing your life to always turn the other cheek, always give to those who ask you, and to be completely unselfish.

This type of life would leave you helpless. You would have no choice but to trust in God’s miracles. We would have to believe God can make food come from the sky to feed us. We would have to believe that if we died from not defending ourselves, we would rise again immortal. O

ur purpose is to glorify that power by showing our faith through love. We will never know the truth until we complete that mission. Remember, faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what you do not see. We are meant to walk by faith, not sight.

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